Finding my happy place (again)

The return to school nearly didn't happen, and I prematurely posted on Twitter when I thought that only one of my teenagers was going to be up in time for the bus. But I was wrong footed once again, and after an emotionally exhausting summer, I was able to take a morning off. And I did it properly. Unlike some carers, I cannot relax with a cup of tea at my kitchen table, in my place of work, surrounded by jobs to be done. I have to get out of the house, and as I write this I'm sipping coffee and looking out at the wide skies of north county Dublin.

I've explored most of the seaside villages within easy reach, and there's one that keeps calling me back. Perhaps there's echoes of Wexford and the place that I lost, perhaps I've finally found a new haven. But it seems that going for long walk around this village helps me to straighten out my thoughts and rein in my emotions.

It seems so far from the noise and smells and urgency of the busy city, just the smell of salt and seaweed and the misty mountains of Mourne blue grey on the horizon.

Two hours in, and the phone is silent. I'll take today and worry about tomorrow when it comes around.

For now I'm in a happy place.

A summer feast on Netflix

Netflix is still beating the telly by a mile, but during the busy summer months none of the women in the house have spent much time in front of screens. And of course if you're only watching for an hour or so a day it takes weeks to watch each series!

So this is all we have managed to view over the past couple of months:

The dead cake and other reasons to be cheerful

It all began so well.

Five more things not to say to an autism mum

Just some of the things I've heard during the summer holidays:

You'll have so much free time when the kids go back to school

If that was the case far more autism mums would be in paid employment, but not many employers will tolerate the regular appointments, phone calls, illnesses, and school refusals that can be part of life with autism.

Choices, Offers and Decisions (Adult Disability Services Part 7)

"My daughter the student" has a nice ring to it, I think. And guess what? It's kinda true. Smiley's education has been extended for a further two years. All the hard work has been worth it. But the battle is not yet over, as many other school leavers will have no service in September.

So how did she get to this point? Well I had five choices for my daughter, which is not quite as good as it sounds, and they looked like this:

Reasons to be cheerful 20.8.15

I have visitors this weekend, so no time for proper blogging or anything else, and poor Smiley has spent far too much time in front of the telly while I try and make the house and garden look presentable. It will be worth it though - the kids love it when we have a house full of familiar guests. Here's a few reasons to be cheerful to prove that I'm not completely miserable this week - a possibility given how much I hate housework and feel guilty when I can't give all my time to my kids...

  • I discovered that WD40 really does remove the rust off my chrome-plated shower caddy.

  • The word 'when' has been mentioned in connection with the word 'school'. Many of you will know what that means.

With no time to write more, here is a round up of picture memories from the past seven days on Instagram (plus one extra). I hope you had a good week too x.

Reasons to be Cheerful

The giant monster cake eating challenge

In all fairness it wasn't my fault. My eldest daughter sent me a link to the best places to eat cake in Dublin and challenged me to bring Smiley to all of them. Just to test whether they really are that good. How could I refuse?