My first award!

I like to see myself as a tough old cynic (don't laugh!) who can live without pretty pictures on her blog. If no-one reads it, sure it doesn't really matter. I'm doing all this writing as therapy, right? Well, perhaps not... Two days ago, fellow blogger Jazzy sent a Sunshine Blog Award my way.

And you know what? I couldn't have been happier if I'd got the Nobel Peace Prize

Then this morning I woke up and checked my blog, and there was another follower who'd joined the flock. I'm starting feel responsible towards my readers now. Will I have to start taking this blogging thing seriously? Start introducing quality controls? Abandon the children to DVD land and make this my number one priority? And I've read about the enterprising mammies who make money from their musings. Not sure that's for me. But this is certainly the most rewarding new hobby I've tried for a very long time :)

The only down side about the Sunshine Blog Award is how to decide who to share it with. I'd like to send it to everyone, cos your blog wouldn't be on my list if I didn't love it.

Anyway as I have to make a decision, as well as the wonderful
Jazzy, I just want to give a special mention to the following:

Irish Mammy: Joining the PACUB campaign to save child benefit was the best thing I did in 2009, and her blog played a major part in the campaign.

Mammy Diaries: What can I say? It is just the funniest blog around, with an edge that really appeals to me.

Love, Life and Aspie Antics: The first Asperger Blog that I came across, and I return to it whenever I feel I can't cope, as Petunia's warm and wonderful posts make all the problems seem solvable.

I'd also love to give the award to Alda at
The Iceland Weather Report for the most interesting current affairs blog on my list - but not sure it would be her thing!


  1. I got a major kick out of my first award too, which was only about 2 weeks ago and I am still glowing from it lol. Well done, don't forget to post it on your sidebar so you (and we) can admire it regularly:) Jen.

  2. Jen, perhaps I can admit to an embarrassing problem here - I don't know how to post it to my sidebar! I did the google thing and it seems I have an old template and would need to get into serious html stuff, so it might have to stay where it is :(

  3. awards are great, and you deserve it.
    (phew! glad you asked jen the techie question lol)

  4. Congrats Blusky on your well deserved win! will end up putting kiddies infront of DVD's...or more likely staying up waay too late to get a post out!!

    Emm...I just right click on the photo and save it to my docs/pictures. Then go into Settings on your blogger dashboard...choose "Add a Gadget" and in that you should find add picture. It lets you browse through your files and you select the picture!

    Hope I remembered that righ....good luck!xx Jazzy

  5. Well done and well deserved and to boot - a nomination for best post in the Irish Blog Awards - congrats hon xx