Seven Up!

The wonderful Chic Mama has sent the Beautiful Seven Award my way. Doesn't it look well on my blog?

The rules of this award are to write seven things about myself, and pass onto seven other blogs. There's no way I can match Chic's stylish list, but a few random things did pop into my head. So here they are:

1. My favourite city in the world is La Rochelle: sea, scenery, shopping and French food!

2. Most people grow to enjoy classical music as they grow up - being contrary, I did the reverse, loving classical music as a child and regressing into a wannabe indie chick as I got older. Trouble is, Smiley is in charge of the CD player, so we are usually humming along to girlie pop!

3. I can wiggle my nose.

4. I'm a complete hypochondriac - with good reason, I swear! I was a pre-vaccination child and got all the childhood illnesses, and so many ailments, lumps, bumps and viruses as an adult that my ex claimed he was marrying me "in sickness and in sickness"!

5. I can't eat brandy butter or drink Benedictine. I once gorged on a whole tub of brandy butter......

6. When I was 8, my class teacher asked us all what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said I wanted to be Prime Minister. Yes, I was a precocious child.

7. I love dancing, but according to Wii Fit my rhythm isn't great, so I guess I've been fooling myself all these years, oops.

Well that's me about done. Hope some of these 7 made you smile.


  1. I can wiggle my nose too and yes, the award looks great on your blog :D Jen.

  2. you're a nose wiggler, eh? I'm impressed lol! Love the list xxx

  3. Oh liking the nose wiggle, thanks for the reminder chic mama gave me a tag too, I'll get to it x

  4. Ahhhh... La Rochelle, I have so many lovely memories of that place, we found the best Italian restaurant in the back streets and used to frequent in often......happy days. xx