This is Me Meme

This is me, but first it's about him...Aspie boy, aka CD.  Like many children on the autism spectrum he often seems to be surgically attached to his games consoles.  It really is like an addiction, especially as playing his computer does not always seem to make him happy.  Perhaps he knows this, because he is now asking for me to organise other activities.  Note that the organisation bit is my job *sighs*.  I now have phone numbers for a judo class and athletics training and I really hope he sticks with it this time, as he has started and stopped tennis, Taekwondo, basketball, swimming, gaelic football and probably a few others my sleep-deprived brain cannot recall.  Around the house he is now baking Brownies and sorting laundry: his choice.  He has also sketched two pictures.  After a five year drawing drought this was amazing to me...and the pictures were quite good!  But he's never tried to draw a person before, so I was delighted and a little nervous to be tagged for this meme by the lovely Nova.

These are the Rules:
  • Ask your child to draw a picture of you. It doesn’t matter how old they are…
  • Post the picture on your blog.
  • Call it the ‘This is Me Meme’.
  • Pop over to Tara’s post to add it to her linky too.
  • Then tag some others
So here is CD's effort: Angel calls it my Mr Tumnus look..
And just to balance things out a bit, here is a photo that CD took of me four years ago:

Somehow I think he is going to be a photographer, not an artist!

Finally, I'm like to tag the following:


  1. Aw bless, you look a bit like a Satyr in that drawing ;)

    I've still got this meme to do.


  2. Oh wow that drawing is fantastic and I can see the likeness with Mr Tumnus!. ;)

    The photo is brilliant though. Thanks for taking part. x

  3. That's really good. I think hooves would be very handy!

  4. Sounds like he is taking big steps forward...hope he finds something he wants to stick at.
    The piccie is great, you look half human/half deer!! :) xx

  5. I didn't know that you had faun legs!!! Must be hard to shave..:) I think both pictures are great..So now I am left the drawing the "real" you and he photoshopped the picture? (In which I have to say-bravo on disguising the legs and ears!!)
    I like this meme..and will follow through once the herd gets home from school. Thanks for thinking of me..:)

  6. Great news on the activity front for CD. I do hope he sticks with them too... be so good for him.

    Cool drawing!! Love the photo too.

    I dread to think what WiiBoy will come up with. I think I've already shown one before. May as well show that!

    Thanks for the tag :-)

    xx Jazzy

  7. @SAHMloving it - yep, I do, don't what he was thinking!

    @CherishedbyMe - he does love the Narnia stories, so perhaps he'd like me to be half Mammy, half Mr Tumnus x

    @Jacq - I'd never actually thought about the usefulness of hooves before...

    @Helen - I hope he finds something too xx

    @kathleen - I like this meme as well, especially as it involves the children actively: look forward to see what yours come up with :)

    @jazzygal - now you say it, I've a feeling that I've seen a picture of you by Wiiboy before, honestly I have giant holes in my memory at this stage xx

  8. That is just fabulous! Hairy arms though? Hmmm! Thanks so much for joining in. I absolutely love seeing what people's kids come up with - every single one of them has been better than my daughter's 'vision' of me so far. Harumph!

  9. The photo of you is are gorgeous!

  10. hehehe, this is a great idea, look forward to joining in. Thanks for the shout out and, knowing you IRL, you are waaaaaay more gorgeous than CD's drawing, which is still great :D Jen

  11. @Tara Cain - It was a 'hairy' top rather than hairy arms I think!

    @Lora - thanks!

    @Jen - look forward to seeing what your three come up with :)