I've been somewhere else...

It's been a very busy two weeks, and I have lots of half-written posts about all sorts of stuff....hopefully I'll get to finish some of them soon.

But in the meantime I dug out an old post to share on the Irish Autism Action Blog, where I guest post from time to time.  Sometimes I even write new stuff for them!

Anyway if you don't know this award-winning blog and you've an interest in special needs, you really should check it out, there's lots of ideas, information and heart-warming stories.


  1. Must be so difficult when you can't put yourself in your little one's shoes and imagine how they are thinking so it must just be a huge relief when you spot a 'pattern'. I can't imagine all the normal parent rules having to be thrown out and how tough that must be. You really have to find your own way don't you? Not something I have to deal with but we should all have an awareness as we never know when our lives or someone we know my be touched by Autism. Great article xX

  2. @Beadzoid - Thanks so much for commenting. When I wrote that post I was really floundering: it was like having to learn a whole new language and way of thinking. I'm a bit more confident now xx