Oops did I miss the end of the world?

It looks as though I missed the end of the world - or did I?

Stolen from @jillsmo
I was watching for the count-down on twitter and I had my favourite song ready to play just in case.  Then I got distracted by one of the kids again and pressed play just after the 6pm deadline - and was quite glad to find I'd missed the rapture party.

Sometimes the end of the world seems like a good idea when you're faced with yet another stinky nappy at 5am or you hear of another horrific atrocity on the news, or a massive meltdown when you've got to get somewhere or when the kitchen looks like this....again.

Mostly it doesn't.  Seem like a good idea I mean.

But I do wish those pesky people would stop predicting imminent Armageddon as it means days of twitchy fingers as I keep switching the radio off so aspie boy doesn't hear - his reaction doesn't bear thinking about. Because if it's on the news, it must be true, right?  

NB: once again, no offence intended to anyone, I love the black humour of the tombstone site, apologies if you find it tasteless.


  1. I hadn't thought of it that way before, only as something a bit silly and humorous.But yeah, I guess if it is on the news it must be true. glad it's safe to listen to the radio again :)

  2. My daughter and her cousin (aged 12) were both a little worried about it. Amongst the comments you could feel their concern. It's hard on the kids. So yes, for you even harder.

  3. I kept turning the news off or talking loudly over the silly reportage so my 11 year old didn't hear. Mind you, I do that most of the time anyway, as the world sounds too full of murder, rape,infidelity, war and famine for any child to feel secure.Censorship is alive and well in my world too.

  4. to be honest, I only knew about it from Bloggers. I haven't even been watching the news! So I missed all the excitement....Bleh!

  5. Ha, I think I muse have been hiding under a rock as I completely missed all this!

  6. Love the photo of the tombstone... Yep, disapointment all over again! LOL

  7. Oh jeesh, I never thought of it being on the news. My son would have had a total meltdown if he heard it! And the tombstone rocks, so not tasteless!

  8. You wouldn't believe the meltdown this caused us yesterday with madam, she was constantly watching the sky and refused to sleep, if I caught the f***er that predicted it his rapture would have been enforced upon him!

  9. Oh I totally know what you mean. The end of the world thing has been upsetting my youngest daughter on and off for months. So when this latest scare was going round, we were really good and avoided all talk (no radio or TV) until 6pm but then eldest daughter casually mentioned it which caused my son that to become distresed this time. I wish people would stop making these statements; its like treading on eggshells in our house. Debbie x

  10. @Heather - I'd leave the radio off if I were you, they'll be talking about 2012 next :)

    @Kellogsville - it is hard on the kids, they really worry about stuff like this.

    @diney - you're right, there's plenty more to switch off for.

    @lyndylou - it wasn't that exciting: nothing happened!

    @SAHMlovingit - this is what happens when you go away, welcome back x

    @Nan P. - Thank you x

    @Lizbeth - so glad you like the tombstone lol

    @Andra - I was feeling the same x

  11. @Aspie in the family - yep I've had to be so careful and already my son is talking about the other prediction that the world will end in 2012. I'm not looking forward to News Year's Eve this year that's for sure!

  12. I found it amusing! And i was just about to say that we have to go through this all over again in 2012!

    It was amusing on twitter though, wasn't it?!!

    xx Jazzy

  13. LOVE it! Can you believe that nutjob getting everyone all worked up over this? One of my facebook friends said her young son heard about it from a classmate, and couldn't sleep or stop crying for days! The worst thing is, this guy has announced a NEW date, in October! Sigh! Thanks for the laugh, though!

  14. I wont start my xmas shopping early - just in case!

  15. Thanks for coming by my blog! I have to admit there were chores I was putting off just in case. :D


  16. @jazzygal - twitter is always the place to be in times of crisis :)

    @AFANM - Let's hope he doesn't get the coverage this time!

    @Casdok - I never do anyway!

    @Amanda - Thanks for dropping in: I always ignore chores if possible :)