Wash Your Hands!

A slightly shaky pic thanks to CD!
I washed my hands ten times today between getting up and shooing the kids out the door.  Not something that I would normally count, but a chance remark got me thinking...

There was an Open Day at Smiley's school recently.  It was great to see again just how happy she is and how loved.  And I also got to catch up with some of the other parents.  I don't see them very often as the school is nine miles away and Smiley travels by special bus with some of her friends.  There was all the usual how are yous, how is she/he getting on, and then one of the Mums suddenly said to me out of the blue:

"Do you find that you're always washing your hands?"

My reaction?

A sense of relief that it's not just me...

I'd started to wonder if I had OCD* because I seem to spend half the day washing my hands  when the kids are at home.  If I did more housework it would be the same when they are in school as well.  Friends have recoiled at the sight of my hands in winter when my skin goes red and sore and rough and sometimes splits and bleeds, and my nails are a disgrace.  I do my best: every sink has its dedicated pot of handcream, but even so..

The early morning count today involved dashing from nappies to packed lunches to bins to runny noses to breakfasts to toilets to teeth to washing to the front door and back.  Last Sunday at one point I was running between the Xbox (CD) the toilet (Smiley) and the chicken (a roast dinner especially for Angel) and washing my hands at each stage!

Do other people do this or is it because I'm a carer?  Perhaps it's the same for all mums, especially those responsible for the housework as well.  Is it because I am always going from something dirty to something clean?  Smiley has to be toileted four-five times a day and her nose is often running.  All three children want food and drinks all day and sometimes I have to get it.  There's dangerous household cleaners, dirty bins, raw meat, garden waste...most days my hands would come into contact with all of these.

So can I do anything about this.  And should I?

*I hope this does not offend anyone who does have OCD


  1. I am just the same! Luckily I don't get sore and red hands but they are really dry at times. I don't notice it so much these days but better you wash your hands than you end up giving yourself a bug :)

  2. I actually have stopped myself from frequent hand washing...I have awful eczema-my skin is very sensitive..so I had to. My kids are astounding at handwashing! They go through a small bottle of liquid soap a day...sigh...I think that if it doesn't bother you-you shouldn't worry about it. :)

  3. I do the same. It's the ads on TV. They have sent subliminal messages e.g don't put raw chicken on your worktop, a high chair has more germs than a toilet seat and as for the BBQ... My hands get sore and cracked too. Sometimes I put hand cream beside sink and if I think about it put some on. Don't think it's OCD but if you find out otherwise let me know as maybe we could get 2 for price of 1 counselling session:)

  4. @lyndylou, kathleen and Mammy Doolittle - perhaps we are we paranoid about bugs lol. Thanks for commenting x

  5. I am the same and I suffer with really sore hands at times. I do worry about the chemicals and try to use stuff without nasties in - I do have the pump things around too, it's a toss up between killing the germs and chemical exposure for me lol! I do try to just use water to rinse my hands if its just non-germ related stuff - kids paints etc. I think it's a real problem for carers. I thought I was getting OCD with it when I was a care assistant and pregnant with my daughter as that was when my soreness started - I probably did get a tad obsessive! Now I have 2 disabled children and a lot of pets so there's no hope really!

  6. I get soap dermatitis so I use anti-bacterial hand gel in a pump pot in every bathroom and at the kitchen sink. Amazed at how many people don't keep hand soap at the kitchen sink - when you have food preparation going on - do you run to the bathroom to do it?
    I don't think that means you have OCD - I think it means you don't want anyone to get sick. Cleaning up vomit in a special needs house is Zero fun.

  7. I also keep hand cream in the kitchen too.

  8. @Sophie - thank so much for commenting and I can just imagine how much hand washing you do with pets and children with disabilities, goodness we'll all have shares in Neutrogena x

    @Hammie - yep every sink has hand soap and hand cream and the hc is in various other rooms too, especially as aspie boy thinks he has dry hands and regularly demands large doses, BTW, your newly-styled blog is FAB xx

  9. Sooooo glad to see you post this! I don't even have children, and I wash my hands CONSTANTLY!!! I can't stand the thought of dirt on my hands being transferred to my face and pores! When people tease me about it, I tell them it's been YEARS since I've had the flu!! HA!

  10. I have to confess that I am the opposite and don't wash my hands very much at all - except for the obvious occasions of course. Am quite bad about it actually because I hate putting chemicals on my skin, but haven't died of anything yet and am never ill so it can't be doing me much harm! Hubby is the opposite and has near OCD tendancies over hand washing - makes life interesting!!