The C-Plan Diet

I am losing weight this summer.  I am on a diet, and it's actually working.

So in the interests of tackling the world obesity problem, I'm sharing the secrets of my new diet with you. 

For nothing.  

It's called the C-Plan Diet, and it's very very simple. 

Basically you can eat and drink anything in moderation once it begins with the letter 'C'.

So for me this starts with the following:

  • Coffee
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate 
  • Cashews
  • Chardonnay

Throw in some cauliflower, carrot, cabbage and courgette and all the major food groups are covered, no?  Add some conchiglie, cream and chives, and you have a proper meal.  

It's working for me x


  1. Patent it! I'll be your first devotee...

  2. Fantastic! Great idea. I've been doing the Dukan diet and it's been going well. Good luck with yours. Xx

  3. My kind of diet! Did you also know that if no one sees you eat it, then the calories don't count, honest!

  4. @LUCEWOMAN - Ooh :)

    @Cherished By Me - I can't imagine that you'd need to diet, but I hope it's achieving what you want xx

    @The mum of all trades - definitely!

  5. I like your kind of diet and will become your second devote!

  6. Great idea but you missed one thing: cake! Its comfort food, it starts with C and you get chocolate versions as well (says she who ate a massive piece yesterday).

  7. Can you define what you consider moderation? Because I'm thinking that's where I fall off the wagon!!!

  8. ooh... I like your style;-) Now all I have to do is make tea and pinot begin with a 'C'!!

    xx Jazzy

  9. Comfort (southern) is my addition to the diet!!!

  10. Unfortunately I'm on the other 'C' diet - C it, eat it..

  11. @The Rambling Pages - Thank you!

    @Deb - yes cake will have to go on the list too :)

    @Lizbeth - not going there!!

    @IPadsfor - hmmm not sure I can help you there!

    @Julie - nice one :)

    @Mammy Dolittle - hope it works...

  12. This sounds like a diet I could get onboard with. Can I include cheesburger? ;)