Dearest children, please choose sleep

Dear Angel,

I'm so glad that you're having such a wonderful summer, you're only young once and you're certainly making the most of it.  I guess you've earned it after all the work you did for your final school exams.  You're also very responsible, texting me at regular intervals through the night to let me know where you are, and if you're coming home.  And I suppose that having a fried egg sandwich at 4am after a night out is actually a good thing.  You do understand that I need to make sure that you remembered to put the alarm on and turn the gas off, don't you?  I am hoping that you will start arriving home a little earlier soon.  Perhaps when College starts?

Yours gratefully,

Darling Smiley,

I love it that you're such a happy child, but it would be great if you would not be quite so obviously happy in the middle of the night.  Your laughter is infectious.  It is also very loud.  I do realise that you need to let me know if you have an accident in your nappy, but it would help if you then went back to sleep afterwards. 

Love from your sleepy Mammy
To my number one son,

I know that children with Asperger's like routine, but is there any way that you could get up a little later than 7am?  And honestly I swear to you that it is quite safe to go downstairs on your own.  When I go down first in the mornings - as you insist - I don't chase a herd of scary monsters out of the back door.  Really I don't.

Love from your confused Mama
Dearest children,

You don't like it when I'm cranky, cross and clumsy. When I'm irritable and impatient and exhausted.

Well, surprise, surprise, neither do I.

So please please choose sleep.

Your loving but tired mammy xxx

Written some time last night and inspired by 3 Bedroom Bungalow's Dear So and So posts.  At least I think it was... 


  1. God I know this feeling, I am wrecked, one little monster only went asleep last night at 2am and in my grandmothers words I feel like the wreck of the Hespres! I am assured this was a ship that met its doom lol. Plenty of coffee me thinks for both of us today. xxx

  2. Oh God you poor girl. How much longer of the school holidays do you have? Sleep deprivation is the worst of the worst. Hang in there hun (((hugs)))

  3. @Andra - so hope you are not meeting your doom and that you get a better night's sleep tonight xxx

    @lyndylou - hopefully this was a bit of a one-off, a series of unfortunate events as you might say x

  4. PS. I was being a little bit tongue in cheek lol

  5. I can not stop laughing. Chasing monsters from the downstairs. I love that!! We must have very similar sons as mine wants me to "make sure everything is OK" before he goes downstairs!!!

    I hope they choose sleep soon!!!

  6. hahaha...very tongue in cheek indeed!! \hope they work. If not bring down your duvet and snuggle up for as long as you can get away with!

    xx Jazzy

  7. Ohhh you have my sympathies missus. Thankfully Munchkin has decided it's ok to go down herself in the mornings and the ensuing carnage that was her playroom, the fridge with one bite out of everything and the other mess she leaves in her trail is WELL worth the extra hour in bed. When you're woken during the night by one of your night owls or worrying yourself sick as your teenager is out.... Well sleep at any cost is worth it xxx

  8. Oh you poor thing.

    I know whenever my kids have trouble with the sleeping I keep thinking about the fact that sleep deprivation is recognised as a form of torture.

    Have you seen the Youtube video with Noni Hazlehurst reading the book about kids going to sleep ... I think you would enjoy.

  9. hi ya waving from across the big gulp!
    sleep hmmm now that is a topic i really could write about... love the "there really aren't any monsters downstairs"...

  10. Sleep is something of a luxury in this house at the moment so I am feeling some of your pain.

    Fried egg sandwiches after a night out are a must!


    p.s. Sorry I've not been around much lately. Off to catch up on the rest of your blog now.

  11. @Lizbeth - good :)

    @Jazzy - xx

    @Petunia - I would struggle with the fridge thing xxx

    @Broni - I'll pop off and look for it :)

    @Shelley - *waves back*

    @SAHMlovingit - lovely to have you back and hope sleep returns for you soon xx