My kitchen as you will never see it - a #Gallery post

Many of you will know that I do not have a healthy relationship with housework.  Too many years of not wearing my glasses meant that I just couldn't see mess or even dirt very clearly, and it passes me by without registering.  Once I had children I realised that dirt could be dangerous, and I had to clean up my act...and my house.  But I always believed that spending time with the kids was more important than cleaning, because that would get done eventually.  So I chat or play with them and leave the dishes and the the recycling to pile up by the sink.  Angel is baffled by the latter.  "Nobody does that", she says looking bemused, but I'm sure I remember a wash and squash campaign?  Anyway it's the only way that I can fit everything in the green bin and keep it smelling sweet...

Even now the main reason that my house looks reasonable to visitors is because of them.  Word of a visit by the MIL always led to a mad dash round with the hoover and the wipes while the kids were plonked in front of a video.  Now I have two kids with special needs there seem to be visitors almost every day, and it's probably just as well, otherwise my kitchen might look like this more often:

This was a particularly bad day involving four different dinners and a baking session.  This morning it looks like this:

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  1. I have to admit that mine can often look like that and did so just yesterday!
    I went on a mad cleaning session and it now looks all nice and probably won't last long, it never does!

  2. love it that you have featured your kitchen as it really is!
    nice size kitchen too.
    My kitchen mostly looks like the first pictures.

  3. @Shell Louise - no it never does!

    @helloitsgemma - I took the first 3 photos months ago because the state of it shocked even me ...

  4. i loathe housework.
    Comes from many years of getting moaned at by my mother - noting short of a clean tidy house would do and i found myself run ragged tidying and not spending time with the kids. Even before my mother stepped over the door, she would, could and did find fault with everything i did.
    Now i keep it at a level above the dysentery line and we're happy!!!
    it took my mother's death to free me from the shackles.
    And people wonder why i no longer have my brother and sister about - because i'd fall back into that rut and i don't wanna be there ever again.
    I know which people i want to please now. We are all much happier in this house

  5. I'm with you in that cleaning will wait but our childrens childhoods won't!

    Our kitchen is messy every day but that's beacuse it is used a lot by everyone.

    It's like painting the Forth Road bridge keeping our kitchen clean & tidy :-)

  6. Don't you remember the kitchen at Cranbrook Road used to permanently look like that - lol

    Mind you yours tidies up well doesn't it - very show house....lucky you :)

  7. @Julie - I'm sorry that you're Mum moaned at you about keeping the house clean, that's really sad x

    @Mum2Four - yes I think housework generally is a Forth Road thing - good analogy :)

    @Helen - well, you know, I probably never noticed lol. And yes my current kitchen does clean up nice, but a show house it isn't: note broken light fitting, rusty toaster, missing light bulb on cooker hood and dripping tap, and that's just what you can see...

  8. I so recognise that mess, it's a daily occurance in my house and more than once too but doesn't it look magnificent when it's tidy?

  9. Wow, that's a great job, are you free to take on extra?!!!

    I wish I could be like you sometimes and just spend more time with children rather than cleaning. Sometimes I think I may be just a little OCD.

  10. @Mari's World - you're very kind, it's a 10 yr old kitchen photographed i a flattering light.

    @Suburbia - I wish I could be more OCD, about cleaning anyway x

  11. Oh Blue Sky... you SO have the right attitude! I LOVE that your kitchen is messy too. It does feel great when we get it cleaned though doesn't it? But it's only fleeting...until the next meal!

    xx Jazzy

  12. Ha! It looks lived in! That's a good thing - at least you cook more than just pizza!

  13. @jazzygal - I don't believe that your kitchen is ever messy: I've NEVER seen it like that xx

    @Actually Mummy - I cook pizza too!

  14. I love the fact you showed your kitchen with the 'lived in' look as I like to call it in my house!! That look extends to most of my house actually!! :)

  15. @mum in meltdown - I don't believe you!