A Happy Christmas, a New Year and more blogging

The Magic of Christmas was missing from the early hours when my son insisted that we get up.  The memories of past family Christmases cast a long shadow as the sun slowly rose.  My children were happy enough with their presents - two of them got exactly what they asked for and Smiley got clothes and DVDs.  Then their Dad arrived early and stayed for the mad scramble to unwrap the presents under the tree.  He took Angel and aspie boy off for a couple to hours to see his family and I headed out with Smiley to get some fresh air.  Our destination? Dublin's Phoenix Park to take part in a mile 'race' for the Irish overseas aid charity Goal.  It was mild, windy and fairly bright.
There were lots of other families there - including one other buggy - and Smiley got quite excited.
I pushed her round the grassy course - my workout for the day - and Smiley enjoyed watching all the runners overtaking us - and we both felt a lot better after our little outing.
Back home and Smiley relaxed with a DVD while I got my first ever Christmas Dinner started with the help of Angel, who prepared the stuffing and the Tiramisu.  I also had to lay the table...having seen what other people do, I will have to put in a bit more effort next year.
Dinner was lovely and all the kids were on good form - but I am banned from sharing the photographs!

Now I am looking forward to the New Year. Not my birthday, as reaching 50 is worrying me more than I expected, but rather putting the sadness and challenges of 2011 behind me and getting on with my life.  This is what my Dad would have wanted and it's certainly what my children need. 

But 2011 was good in many ways, including here.  It's my second full year of blogging and I think I'm now comfortable with it.  I don't have to work at it.  Sometime ideas just pop into my head and other times stuff that's bothering me becomes clearer once I write about it.  I'm still wary about over-sharing and boring people, but I do plan to put more posts on Facebook after one of my best friends asked had I stopped blogging.  I don't think that will happen any time soon, especially as two posts in particular got an amazing reaction.  I was still in shock when I wrote about the first big meltdown, but somehow it struck a chord with readers, including many who'd never looked at my stuff before.  So many people  said nice things about it, including one journalist I admire who simply tweeted: 'Keep on writing. :)'

Then last month while reeling from the death of my Dad, the Irish Budget  was announced and it included a provision to reduce the Disability Living Allowance for young people with disabilities, and some politicians were reported to be have said that they should all be able to work.  I looked at my daughter and, still reeling from the death of my Dad, I wrote a post asking what job would be suitable for her.  I tweeted it once, maybe twice, and someone picked it up and then someone else, and it snowballed and soon my @mentions looked like this:
I was overwhelmed by all the lovely comments and I hope that it helped to make a difference - I was one of a number of parents who spoke out, and this Budget provision is now being revisited.  And today I wake up to find that my favourite post of the year has been included in an amazing roundup of some of the year's best blogs.  So I will keep on blogging...

I'm submitting this to #R2BC, one of my favourite linkies as just taking part makes me feel more cheerful.

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  1. Great post. Glad Christmas went well and that you're finding blogging success. Happy new year to you and your family. I look forward to more of your writing. Deb xx

  2. I am very glad that I found your blog, I enjoy reading your posts. Happy New Year Blue Sky. See you in 2012!
    I shuddered when you mentioned 50 as I am two years away!!

  3. Glad blogging helps. I find it does too especially with the heart stuff. Take care of you and yours and have a lovely New Year

  4. Sounds like a lovely Christmas Day. Glad it went well and really glad that your blog is going so well:-) I too have been banned from posting photos! And I too am becoming a bit scared of my approaching 50th!

    I hope 2012 is kind to you.

    xx Jazzy

  5. Glad that you had a lovely Christmas..and by all means-please keep blogging-you are never boring!! Congrats on all the wonderful things that have happened...I hope that you have a lovely New Year as well..filled with only good things for you and yours. I wouldn't worry too much about the impending "50"..from what I have read..it is the new "25" !! :)

  6. I love your blog, it's always interesting and one of the highlights of this year for me was getting to meet the girl behind the words. I am taking in the New Year still stuck in Aberdeen at the hospital with Jack. I wish you all the best for the coming year, love n hugs fae me :)

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  8. Glad you found a way through Christmas and that you will continue with your blog.

    It is always heartfelt, poignant and talk about issues that need talking about but above all they help keep me connected with my friend who because of the circumstances of our lives don't see each other from one year to the next anymore.

    Love and hugs and all good wishes to you Angel, Aspie Boy and that love bug Smiley for 2012. xxxx

  9. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Hope 2012 brings lots of love and happiness to you and yours. xxx

  10. Here's to a great 2012! Let's put that last one behind us. Don't worry about being 50 it's that last great liberator for women. Time to stop pandering to all the pressure about how we are supposed to be, and become the individual who we always were. I have found myself going back to when I was a kid and dreaming up my life all over again. Play! Sing! Dance! You are a treasure and every day is yours, much love, your blog means so much to me, X

  11. Great post and hope that next year is a really good one for you all.

  12. A successful blogging year ahead I hope!


  13. I loved this post. I even went to look at some of the older posts behind the linkies (which I hardly ever bother to do). You are an amazing Mum and I wish you the 2012 you deserve - full of wonderful times and happy days. Happy New Year xxx

  14. Here's wishing you and yours the very best that 2012 has to offer. I know this year has had its tough spots for you, so I hope that you find renewed joy in this new year.

  15. @Deb - Happy New Year to you and your family and looking forward to reading your blog this year too xx

    @Di - 48 is nothing I tell you! Happy New Year :)

    @Kate - Glad it helps you too, Happy New Year!

    @jazzygal - Glad I'm not the only one facing 50 this year xx

    @kathleen - wow I hope it is the new 25 :)

    @lyndylou - it was so lovely to meet you and Holly too, and I really really hope that everything improves for you and your family in 2012 xx

    @Helen - I am so glad that we are able to keep up with each other's lives through our blogs, long may it continue xxxx

    @jontybabe - And to you too xx

    @foxglovelane - I love the idea of dreaming up my life again :) And I'm so glad I found your blog, it gives me space and peace for brief minutes x

    @Sheffy - And best wishes to you too :)

    @Suburbia - Best wishes with your blog too and hope life treats you well in 2012 x

    @Midlife Single Mum - Thank you so much and a Happy New Year to you xxx

    @Tessa - And joy to you and your family too :)

  16. Whata fab post, I am so glad you will keep on blogging. You are one of the blogs I like to come back to time and time again.

    Wishing you a blessed 2012. Mich x

  17. Loved all the photos Blue Sky. Smiley looked like she had a fabulous time. Was thinking about you this week actually and wondering how yous managed Christmas without your Dad. It's hard I think - Christmas always reminds us of all the people that should be there that aren't.

    Congratulations on all the blogging achievements too!