Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feeling the luuurve

I got just one Valentine's card this year: from my unwilling 10 year old son.

I'd say it could be the last.  In future I assume he will give a card to someone closer to his own age.  Who is not his Mammy! 

So I'll have to look for love in other places.  And I've found a kind of love here.  I was over the moon to see that today, St Valentine's Day, I passed 50,000 page views on this blog.  Many of them were probably spambots, but it's still the population of a large town.  Think Waterford or Hereford say.  Quite scary in ways!  Thank you to everyone who reads this stuff that I churn out and especially to everyone who comments.  I love comments!  Who knew that blogging-as-free-therapy could work so well.   And a huge thank you also to thejournal.ie for publishing my response to the Tony Humphries autism article last Friday.  It felt good to have a story published in real media.  

 So I'm feeling the luurve, hope you are too!



  1. Always delighted to read your blogs,,,and I do agree with you on the "blogging-as-free-therapy" remark. I'm inching my way towards trying it, but putting obstacles in my own way every time I throw a few words together!

  2. Sorry, but I couldn't help but lauugh when I read your son's comments. Its the sort of thing we get in our house. Bless them, our kids are so lovable in their own unique ways.

  3. You've got to keep that card - it will probably keep the whole family laughing in years to come. Always enjoy reading your blog too, so it's nice to hear you are getting so much out of it.

  4. Yep, another lover of free therapy. Well done on hitting 50K.

    Mich x

  5. Yay to free therapy indeed
    Congrats on article :-)

  6. Glad you're feeling the luuuuve cos we're all sending the luuuuve. Congrats on 50,000 hits - it's a good feeling isn't it? Lots of Luuuve xxx

  7. Good morning hon, I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award, because I love your blog:~)

  8. OMG, that note is priceless!!!! And congrats on the 50,000. Woo hoo!!!

  9. Nice one Blue Sky. I would say that the majority of those 50,000 hits were from people who LOVE your blog! Me included! :)

  10. Oh that really made me chuckle - the fact he's said he's manly. Brilliant, bless him.

    Well done on hitting 50k. Whoop whoop! x

  11. @Liam - thank you and I really hope you start blogging soon.

    @Deb - it's that need to tell the truth, the whole truth etc etc, I'm the same in many ways!

    @Julie's Mum - Oh I keep all of my Valentine's cards : it's a fairly small collection...and mostly from my children :)

    @Michelle - Thank you! x

    @Suburbia - Thank you too :)

    @Midlife Single Mum - Sending you the luuuurve too :)

    @Foxglove Lane - ooh I love awards, thank you :) and I love your blog, more therapy for me in a way x

    @Lizbeth - I know, nice to find something funny to put up here for a change :)

    @Di - That's a lovely thing to say :)

    @Jenny - yep!

    @SAHMLovingIt - he thinks he's 'mature' too, lol x

  12. Brilliant! That made me laugh. My 4 year old is only just learning to write, but I love his little notes. I'm sure that will change.


  13. Lovin' the lurrrrve baby! XXX

  14. Brilliant. and v pleased for you that you got published. But of course your blog does wonderful things already. x

  15. @Jean - Good :)

    @Steph - Thank you, And there's an award for you BTW here: http://looking4bluesky.blogspot.com/2012/02/mother-or-martyr.html

  16. Wow....your article was published in the jornal.ie?? Excellent!! AND you got a (reluctant) Valentine's card from your son too!! Cool :-)

    xx Jazzy

  17. @jazzygal - Thank you, it was a good day xx

  18. Congrats on the pageviews, that's a huge milestone! That card's so sweet too. Happy Valentine's weekend! X