#Listography: My Top 5 Beauty Products

It's a beautiful day in Dublin today.  The sun is streaming through the windows, showing up every line and flaw on my face, so I've put the housework on hold to take part in Kate's latest Listography, as it's about beauty products that really work.  I see a shopping trip in my near future....


Here are my Top 5:

1. Vaseline
Prevents cracked lips and solves a multitude of other problems too.

2. E45
From wiping bottoms to cleaning, to gardening, to cooking, I seem to wash my hands every few minutes, and get through industrial quantities of hand cream.  Otherwise I literally wash the skin away and they start to bleed.  This stuff works well on my face too.

3. Braun Silk-epil
As I get older, nature and culture have conspired to make hair removal an ever bigger job.  As regular salon visits are not really an option, I was absolutely delighted to find that this thing really works.

4. John Frieda hair conditioner
Without this three heads of hair in this house would be completely unbrushable.  Actually they would mostly look like brushes...

5. Colour Calming primer
Why are there so many photographs of celebrities with red noses? Have they never heard of this stuff?

Then of course there's my GHD, which I really shouldn't mention yet again on this blog.  Ooops I just have....

Head over to Kate Takes 5 if you want some more ideas.


  1. Great post-must take a look at the Colour Calming Primer. Looking forward to getting enough time on my hands to catch up with your blog and past posts.

  2. I'll second Village Mama- need to check that out. My cheeks are always so rosy! Loving the simple Vaseline and E45 combo- I use them both and didn't even think to put them on my list. They're a damn sight more useful that some of the stuff on mine too!

  3. Hey I came looking for blue eyeshadaw and a bouffant...
    Most interested in no, 3 - off to google it now. Also hadn't realised no. 7 did that primer - precisely what I need thank you.

  4. Silk e peil is SOOOO painful though......I used to love vaseline but now prefer bottom butter..much nicer smell!!

  5. Vaseline was always my mother's cure for everything!! I bought a no7 primer recently for under make-up, to 'fix' it. I keep forgetting to use it. I should do this list thingy....my list of make up products I buy and forget to use. I'd exceed 5 though!!

    xx Jazzy

  6. @Village Mama UK - The green stuff is produced by a few different manufacturers under different names..

    @Natalie - Kate started earlier in the week blogging about expensive beauty products so I decided to look at the opposite end of the market, and I swear they work as well :)

    @Kate - :D No, you might have found pink or black eyeshadow...bit too old for that now :)

    @SuperAmazing Mum - do you think? I don't find it painful.

    @Jazzygal - I'm sure Kate wouldn't mind if you shared more than five xx

  7. Am I just a total wuss? Do you not find the Silk-Epil really painful?! I just can't use it. :)

  8. I so badly need #5. We don't have Boots here, so will stock up when I go to visit my sister in Winchester in July!

  9. Love my John Frieda shampoo and conditioner!

  10. @Lisa and Alma - this is clearly a controversial choice of mine ! I would agree that there is a comfort scale with the legs at the most comfortable end of it.....

    @Di - I jumped for joy when Boots arrived in Dublin :)

    @ Jodi - glad it's not just me :)

  11. Unfortunately for my bank account, I usually find it's the expensive products that are better for my skin.

  12. What a great list - not sure about the Braun thing, but might just HAVE to take your word for it. Totally with you on the as you get older and washing hands!

  13. @21st Century Mummy - I've never got around to trying the expensive products and it's a bit late now!

    @Older Single Mum - I'm amazed that no-one else like the Braun thing :)

  14. I'm definitely adding that No7 primer to my list!

  15. @minibreakmummy - glad you found something useful on my list :)