Reasons to be Cheerful 29.11.12

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Six weeks of being cheerful! I didn't manage to stick to the original plan, and some weeks I've just posted a couple of lines on the Facebook page, but despite my world being rocked yet again in past week, this evening I looked around the dinner table at three smiling faces and I knew that the most important people in my life were eating with me and together we will keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Or four wheels at a time if you're Smiley...

So here are this week's reasons to be cheerful:

1. I'm a winner!  Twice.  And both times by accident.

There's been a surfeit of egg yolks in this house recently and so this post about cooking with eggs by Cherished by Me caught my eye.  All I did was leave a friendly comment!  But there was great excitement here when the book finally arrived, and Angel is busily working her way through the pages.

Then it happened again...I was feeling guilty after too many Saturdays avoiding bag packers and shaking tins. So I got into the Christmas spirit and sent a donation to a special needs charity through Facebook.  Then this email arrived:


You have won a prize at our recent Monster Raffle.

Sound great doesn't it?  This is what I have to do to claim my prize:

(photo removed)

It's called city kayaking.  I did think about re-raffling my prize, but then I thought about my blog and how I'm always moaning on here aaaaand so before I had a chance to regret it I asked Angel would she like to try it out too, and she said yes.  So all I need now is a babysitter and a warm day...

2. Time out with friends.

I stole away for a couple of hours on Monday to meet up with two very good friends, it's hard to believe that I've known them for more than 20 years.

3. Family dinners.

They don't happen that often.  Children are not always here at the same time, and the best laid plans go wrong.  Usually I'm cooking four different meals or versions of a dish, so it's rare that I manage to get everything ready at the same time while fielding phone calls, text messages, and trying to hoist Smiley.  

Tonight I needed a break, so I ordered a Chinese.  And it was great the way that everything was ready at the same time!  So we all sat and chatted.  We talked about the future and Angel's plans to develop her gymnastics coaching and my son explained how he was planning to become a games developer.  For once no one grumbled or fought and by the end of the meal everyone was smiling.  Even better, Angel had offered to bring Aspie boy to Coderdojo*. and HE had agreed to go.  I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed that he doesn't break his word...

*Coderdojo is a free computer club where children and teenagers learn to code.  My son tried it before but left after a few weeks.



  1. Ooh I had a day out with friends of 20 years plus this week too- was lovely!

    1. Yeah it's like a soap opera, you just slip into your usual role as though you saw them yesterday :)

  2. Congrats on your wins - that is fab news! Love your other reasons too. So important to enjoy meals together - and what better than having a break from cooking too! xxx

  3. Oh wow, lovely post, I'll look aorudn my table tonight as we eat dinner and think of you and be grateful. You and Angel will have an amazing time doing that Kayaking. Mich x

  4. Well done on your wins, and I bet you have a great time with city Kayaking! Sometimes a takaway is the best thing and it has given you a chance to enjoy everything and eat with your family - all at once x

  5. Yep, if the budget can stretch to it I will definitely organise more takeaways :)