Favourite posts of 2012: theirs and mine

Once again my life has got in the way of blogging.  For a while there was nothing new to say, but I think that is changing, and half written posts are piling up, ready to be finished and inflicted on anyone who drops by.

But inspired by a number of other bloggers - with a special mention for Her Melness Speaks, The Squashed Bologna and Northern Mum - I've been sporadically collecting blog posts during the year.  Other people's blog posts.  Ones that moved me till I was in tears, or made me laugh till I cried, while others had me wanting to shout 'Yes, yes, yes' from the virtual rooftops.  Apologies if I've left your best post off the list, it's not deliberate, I probably just forgot to note it down...

So here they are:

A funny wonderful observant post about being British - something I vaguely remember - by a New Zealander

The most awesome rant of the year award goes to 'a special needs parent is'

No-one write about caring for elderly parents like Varda and this post will surely make you cry

One of several posts I saved from the fabulously funny Cate P.  This one about the menopause.

How many blogger can write an entertaining post about a carton of juice? Lizbeth can.

What do you say when a baby is born with Down's Syndrome? 

The definition of love, and it's not what you think.

On blogging: "Your blog does not have to heal the world. It need only heal your world."

The other side of autism, you won't read a more open and honest post than this

Lisa Maree Domican


And just to throw in a few of my favourite posts from this blog..

Who doesn't love a birth story? Especially when it goes well.


The most joyous moment of 2012

Smiley walks again

My most personal post of the year, not sure that it was understood.  Let's just say that it's hard being a mum sometimes.

I wish I was a Stepford Wife

That's me done for now, so I've one last thing to say in case I don't post before January:



  1. Happy Happy new year to you too!

  2. Happy new year. I remember some of these posts and the others I shall read. xxx

  3. Thank you for the inclusion. That post has been in the Top 10 viewed for most of the year. Possibly, again, because a lot of the joy is being sucked out of blogging by the Blogging Police or Blogging Elite. A lot of people emailed privately to say they were starting to feel 'less than' in the blogging world.

    I also remember your thought provoking 'I wish I was a Stepford Wife' post and was pleased to see it in your personal round-up.

    Here's to another year of interesting blogging in all its varied forms.

    Happy New Year when it comes! HMSx

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. I too got caught up in a kind of madness, chasing ratings, and then I hit burnout, so I'm starting again, and trying to write about what matters to me, and only when I have something to say.

      Happy New Year x

  4. You lovely lady. Thanks for the plug, a great idea I may have to steal next year!
    happy new year to you too xxx

  5. What a great idea, to share the posts that really stood out for you. I look forward to reading them all.
    Happy New Year. Hope to meet up with you in April! :)

  6. and a very happy new year to you as well. Mich x