All of the day and all of the night

No-one tells you the truth about parenting, do they?

BB (before baby) most of us hear the rumours about the sleepless nights with small babies, but we don't realise that it doesn't end there....

Before I tell you this story, you should know that I am feeling much happier this morning after a mixed weekend.

Saturday was great fun, thanks to Jazzygal.

Sunday was never going to measure up.  I had it all planned.  For the first time in several years I was going to take Smiley to the St Patrick's Day Parade.   I'd organised for aspie boy to be minded, and tickets for the disabled viewing area, following assurances that it was much better than the pen we were squashed into last time.

Then we woke up to this:

No way could I make Smiley watch the Parade in that, even with her ski clothes she would not be warm for long.  So we stayed in the house all day and I tried to entertain myself by messing around with my blog - hope you like the new look!

Obviously the weather doesn't have the same effect on the young, so Angel headed out early with her friends and off to an all-night party.

"See you tomorrow!" I said, as she headed out the door, all swishy hair and black leggings.

It began soon after midnight, with an 'urgent' text request from Angel at 12.30.  That was followed by unsettled dreams about people on twitter trying to contact me.  So much so that when I next woke at around three, I checked my phone.  Just in case.

At 4.30 I woke to hear rustling and banging downstairs.  My heart jumped.  Could that be a burglar filling a bag with loot?  Downstairs, near my special girl?

I slipped silently out of bed, donned slippers and glasses, and armed with my GHD, crept down the stairs trying to force my face into a fierce look.

"Who's there?"

Trying to keep my voice steady.

"Mum! I'm just having a snack, sorry I woke you."

"The party finished early then.."

Red faces all round.

Up the stairs I went again.  And at precisely 6.02 am I heard Smiley chattering on the baby monitor. There was just time for a quick coffee - essential so that I can get her up safely - and then another day began...


  1. Oh gawd, a day in the life of...
    A girl brandishing her GHD means business...I'm glad (for the burglar's sake) that it wasn't a burglar. Still, you could have sent him off to Mountjoy with great hair.
    And thank God in heaven for coffee! XXX

  2. Good grief, I didn't know whether to be worried (believe me... if you live where I do, then it gets a bit scary!) or to laugh at the vision of you with glasses and your GDH! Sorry you had an upside down night but glad it was only Angel, home safe! LOVE your new look. :)

    1. I probably wasn't thinking too clearly .. Glad you like my new look :)

  3. Love the new look, very crisp and fresh. Ha ha ha ha ha...........visions of burglars with super-straight hair are in my brain now!

  4. I have a baseball bat under the bed for scary burgalar worries. Are u mad with the GHD's? You might have hurt them! lol. And, yes I do love the new blog look! Fab!

  5. Loving the new look. Glad you didn't have to waste a good set of GHDs on a burglar

  6. Love the new look! So sorry your day didn't go as planned. Oh to be young like Angel partying the night away. Love that you were armed with your GHDs lol.

    1. I know, I'm not able to party after midnight these days!

  7. Don't waste the GHD's!!!!
    But glad you didn't have to use them for anything other than what they were intended!!!

  8. Did you have time to heat your GHD into a really'hot' weapon?!! Phew, glad all was ok. Great to see you and Smiley last Saturday, appreciate your support. I didn't budge out of the house on St Patrick's Day, I had a night out like your Angel the night before. Only I wasn't home by 3. Or 4am!!

    LOVE the new look :-)

    xx Jazzy

  9. Very nice and clean! A blog refresh is a good way to celebrate the coming of Spring - and yes, more snow (grrrrr). Shame about the parade. Stoopid weather!

    Ha! GHD weapon - that made me laugh aloud. :) xx