Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Green is not my favourite colour - it brings back bad memories of avocado bathroom suites, remember them?  I like it best in nature, preferably sun-kissed.  And much, much better as a setting for other, more brilliant shades, like these:

Or to signify calm and welcome:

 To help brighten up a dull day:

To bring back happy memories of days out with the children:

This is for this week's Gallery, on the theme of green.  Joining in is a lovely way to brighten up your day - it's certainly improved mine...


  1. I love that massive bone and those funky gates! :)

  2. I agree that the old avocado gree is not the best shade! I quite like a light aqua green or a bright apple green!

    Lovely pictures.x

  3. I love green too, my dinning room and kitchen are both painted in a lovely bright green!


  4. A lovely collection of photos, the one with the daffodils is gorgeous

  5. Your mention of avocado bathroom suites has brought back the most wonderful memories of my uncle's house.(This has nothing to do with green!) They had a brown one and I tried to get the same colour when we were looking for a bathroom my husband's disgust and astonishment and to peels of laughter from the shop, they said they hadn't sold any in any colour other than white for over 20 years. I realise now that the colour was really gross but it was the memory of great times at that house that made me want that colour suite! I love your last photo of the children, it's so difficult to capture moments like that.

  6. I'm with Tas, the bone and those gates are so cool! Lovely pictures x

  7. Love your pictures, especially the one of the boy (your son?) pointing out something of interest.