I took a bath today

It wasn't planned.

One child was watching a video, another on his laptop.

The work was done, the roast dinner cancelled.

An unexpected gap in my day.

No-one needed me.

Perhaps I needed myself?

I've been told to take care of myself.

To do more for myself.

So I heated the water.

Lit the candles.

Filled the tub.

And sank under the bubbles.

The door ajar.

Just in case.

It's only been four years.

(but I do take a shower, you know).

I took a bath today.

It was bliss.


  1. When having a bath is the event not the preparing for the event - I so understand. :)

  2. i hear running water as my hubbie fills his bath today
    he often indulges himself but i never find the time
    it should be a ritual to never be hurried and always be savoured

  3. Replies
    1. I didn't mean to cause envy Petra, hope you're okay xx

  4. Don't bloody blame you!!! I haven't had a bath in, ooooh, a couple of months (I probably still manage more than you though!). And what a lovely tub you have! :D xx

  5. Sounds like total bliss. And something that you must definitely do more regularly, now that you know the world will not fall apart while you do so ;-)

    I wish you many more heavenly baths :-)

    xx Jazzy

  6. Oh, I must try one of those again someday... soon! :)

  7. So true, you do need to take care of yourself; and what a lovely way to have some *me time*. I haven't had a bath for ever, so plan to take leaf out of your book. xx

  8. Lovely! I haven't had a bath since I was pregnant with MC! It's not the same when the bath is full of rubber duckies and musical/bubble toys xx

  9. Its a bit mad iv stumbled on you tonight....My 8 year old only asked me last night why I dont take a bath :/ It's been years...2 boys with ASD makes for very busy....I need to take a bath :)