Better the devil you know and other reasons to be cheerful

It's been a humdrum kind of week, if you ignore the weather.  But we slept through the storms, and the house appears unscathed.  The best bit was the few flakes of snow we saw through the window, there was jumping up and down and clapping of hands, and that was just me!

But anyway, I've thought of a few reasons to be cheerful, and here they are:

Hot showers

Wonderful at the best of times, but even more enjoyable in freezing cold weather when the shower been almost unusable for months, as the flow slowed to a trickle, for the second time in the past year.  I was seriously thinking of replacing it, since I'm trying to get a wet room put in for Smiley.  I'll probably write about the saga of the wet room another time.  I bet you can't wait!

You see it's supposed to be a 'good' shower.  Or so everyone tells me.  And as I get older I get more and more suspicious of change, and always suspect that new things will be worse.  Better the devil you know, eh?  So I whipped out the cheque book, and spent an obscene amount getting it fixed again.  But oh it is so worth it, showering is a pleasure once again!


That's one of the things I miss about paid jobs.  You had the illusion of being appreciated.  Doesn't really happen at home as a mum and general drudge.

But it did the other day!

My son's precious gaming laptop developed a fault.  He googled it, of course, and tried a few things, and then gave up to despondency and started counting the days until his birthday.  So I waited until he was asleep, crept back downstairs and tried the most obvious solution.  Next day he couldn't believe it, and for at least five minutes I was up there in the superhero league along with Zelda, Link, Batman et al.  A proud Mammy moment of a different kind :)

The perfect leggings

I know, I know, I'm too old and fat to be wearing leggings.  But just imagine that I'm still a sveltish 25 year old, which incidentally was when I last owned a pair of amazing leggings, and I wore them until every seam was darned and the original colour was impossible to guess!  Anyway, I've found some more, in M&S of all places.  You know the kind, they're mega comfy, and still manage to improve on Mother Nature.   The idea is that - like a superhero again - I can leap into exercise mode any time I have time, or whenever my son gets an unexpected urge to do something active....

Finally, if you live in Dublin, keep an eye on the blog Facebook page, cos I've a very special giveaway to announce in the next couple of days :D

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  1. So glad you brightened little man's day by fixing his laptop. Mich x

  2. well done super hero! I couldn't cope without a shower :-)

  3. looking forward to it, will keep an eye out!

  4. Well done you for fixing the laptop, I love a good hot shower & live in leggings so will check out M&S!!

  5. Love a hot shower. I also got some fab leggings recently as most that I get just won't fit properly and end up falling down and not because I am slim!
    Anyway, I loved your Appreciation reason most this week. Feeling very drudge like today as it goes.
    Have a fab week!

  6. Great Superhero!
    I'm always inspired by your Grateful List :)

    1. Thank you, and so sorry that I have not commented over at yours for a while x

  7. Fixed showers and laptops are up there with the greatest reasons to keep everyone cheerful! Well done.... Super-leggings-clad-Mum !!
    Looking forward to reading about your giveaway!

    xx Jazzy

  8. Great reasons to be cheerful and they also gave me a chuckle. I am seriously impressed that you sorted out the laptop! I hope that you wear those leggings with pride..... Photo opportunity? Silent Sunday next week? #Idareyou :-)

  9. ooh tell me what kind of leggings, I desperately need some xxx

    1. So much interest in the leggings, I may have to pop back into town and get the details all over again! xxx