Putting the fun into special needs awareness with Square Peg Clothing: A REVIEW

I'm not normally given to sporting slogans on my chest, or logos, or any words at all in fact.  Unless I'm out running, and that could be because many of my T-shirts are ragged remnants from the 1980s that I can't bear to part with.

But I've noticed a new thing:

Lot of companies selling T shirts and other stuff designed to raise awareness of special needs.

But most of them are pretty naff.  The colours are bad, the shapes are unflattering, and the slogans make me cringe.

And then I found Square Peg Clothing.  It's a not for profit family enterprise based in Sutton Coldfield that produces the cutest range of T-shirts and sweatshirts for children and adults.  Their logos certainly put the fun into special needs awareness!  And the prices will put a smile on your face too, as they start from just £10.

So I begged for a couple of items to review to celebrate reaching another milestone on here, and they very kindly said yes.

This is what they sent:

The grey one is mine!  Promoting autism awareness for my son and also possibly for me, since some people think I have Asperger's Syndrome too.  I love it, it's soft and snuggly and warm and comfy, everything a sweatshirt should be.  I hope to be wearing it for years.  No photos though.  I've posted quite enough selfies in recent weeks...

So where better to try them out than our Saturday social club where we could share them with other special needs parents?

Smiley was VERY pleased with her new sweatshirt!

And it survived being chewed, washed, tumble dried and still looks fabulous.

Autism Awareness  

It seemed like a good idea to post this for autism awareness month in April, but not everyone agrees with it, and some won't like the clothing featured here either.   I actually think that more autism awareness is needed.  There are still people who have not heard of autism, and there are plenty more who don't understand it.  I would be one of them, at least in part.  And it's very hard to accept and embrace something that you don't understand.

For the next 30 days there will be lots and lots of stories and pictures about autism, inspiring and entertaining, dull and serious, sickly sweet or angry, depressing or scary.  I'm guilty of writing stories like those too.  So why not have a laugh at it all?  Don't they say that laughter is the best medicine?  I bet they do at Square Peg Clothing.


  1. 'More special than needy' - What a lovely message....Great post & smiley looks gorgeous in that pink :o) x

    1. Doesn't she :) AI like all their messages :) x

  2. Smiley really lives up to her name in this photo. Love the sweatshirt.

  3. Love the messages and Smiley looks very happy. The colour suits her.

    I totally agree that more autism awareness is needed. I might get the wheels on the bus one for Zak ( his favourite song ) and the If your happy and you know it flap your hands for Luke and Jenna

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  5. Smiley looks amazing in her new sweatshirt! I'm all for that type of clothing. I remember seeing a t-shirt once that said sometihng like 'don't judge me, neither me nor my son can control his behaviour' and I thought to myself - i need one of those! Now I find I just say very loudly in public 'J, not everyone knows you have Aspergers so they might think you are badly behaved' and amazingly, a few people's stares do turn to understanding looks rather than judgemental looks but it is still a shame that I have to say anything really. If only there was more awareness and more understanding. x

  6. Smiley werqs it in pink = love it. Do not like the puzzle piece one much.

    1. I hadn't even noticed the puzzle piece on mine until you mentioned it.

  7. 'Somewhere over the Spectrum'.... love it!
    Pink is fabulous on Smiley :-) xx