The perfect panini

Paninis are a hot topic in this house, served warm.

They are my son's staple meal in the middle of the day, when he is here.

His aspergers means that he can be both very particular, and very predicable.  Organising his home life in this way appears to help him feel calm, loved, and comfortable, especially when his cushions are arranged correctly!  For me, this is both good and awkward.

Every day at lunch time when I ask him what he wants, the answer will be the same:

"A panini of course!"

With ham.  But that goes without saying, apparently.

Knowing what he's going to want is useful, it makes shopping easier, and I don't have to plan lots of exciting sandwich fillings or fancy pasta salads.

But not any panini will do.  They have to be Lidl Paninis, each filled with one carefully folded slice of premium ham.  Sometimes this can involve visiting several local stores if it's one of those days when there's been a run on paninis.  Why does this happen?  Is it weather related?  Sunshine = thoughts of Italy = desire for paninis?  Or something.

In the search for the perfect panini, my son has now decided that more exacting specifications could make his dining experience even better:



You might call it the Panini Code.  But just like Barbossa, I plan to treat them more like guidelines

For my sanity, you understand, on days when the knife slips, or the stripes are weak and weedy...


  1. I can understand perfectly he eats only one 'brand' of panninis...

    made me remember - a mental note to myself: "Do NOT forget to buy Lidl pretzels tomorrow!"... ;)

  2. lol Good luck with that "guidelines" thing! Seriously, I can so relate -- of course I would be thrilled if my younger would eat ANY form of meat, but that is another story!