Raging against the system

It's funny the things that make you incandescent with rage.  A walk in the sunshine on Easter Sunday morning was spoilt by these posters, on every second lamppost.

Yes there is a cost of living crisis.  But it was caused by your party Mary Fitzpatrick.  It was caused by the polices of Fianna Fail.

Never forget.

They were the party in power who presided over the false boom, that meant that families bought houses they are now going to lose, when the rich got richer, but the schools and hospitals were still neglected, and people died because changes were not made.  Remember Susie Long?

Then there was the bank guarantee, which will drain the bank balances of ordinary people for years and years to come.

Thanks to Fianna Fail we now have a society where the young have to mortgage their futures to get through college, work for free during the best years of their lives and wonder if they'll ever be able to afford a home or a family.  Meantime the old die on trolleys in hospitals, and the severely disabled get a free nappy allowance of four per day.  Tough luck if you get diarrhoea.

Just like the UK, I predict that before long, there will be tens of thousands of people in Ireland reliant on food banks, probably run by private companies with well-paid chief executives, sounds familiar?  And Ireland is still a very rich country.  The signs are everywhere if you look: my eldest was taken out for lunch by her Dad to a very nice restaurant in Howth during the week.   He had booked, but it was so busy that they still had to wait for a table....

I regularly switch off the radio, because I cannot stand listening to most politicians, or anyone from Ryanair, the pensions, banking or insurance industries.  I don't know who to trust, who to vote for, or what policies to support.

But the one comfort is that there are others like me.  If you feel the same, make sure you read Liveotherwise, whose political posts and twitter rants always make me want to cheer.

Still, I am reminded that today is the day of the annual commemoration of 1916 Easter Rising.  Is this the Ireland that they fought and died for?


  1. We had the false boom here in the UK as well, and like in Ireland you could jump queues for hospitals by having an initial scan done privately. Both parties were in on it, really -- it was the Tories that brought the "boom and bust" cycles of the 80s and early 90s, and Labour that pretended that you could have "steady growth" that would last forever. Nobody was willing to say the emperor had no clothes until it was too late.

    The nappy situation is pretty much the same here, although it differs from area to area. I was speaking to a mother of one young girl who has cerebral palsy and is doubly incontinent, and was also subject to the "four-a-day" rule. She told me that the pads she was given leaked every time because they were the wrong size (a small adult size for an 8-year-old, but they do not have anything between that and a size 6) and that her daughter would not sit in a wet pad and would scream until she was changed (or had a seizure), so living within that limit was impossible.

    In this country, Labour won't make too much noise about the cost of living and housing; there is still the economic orthodoxy that government intervention won't and can't work. Meanwhile foreigners and financiers buy up mediocre London houses for £500K or more and young families can't get a place to live.

    1. I've said it before, but I really believed that the world would become a better place during my lifetime, but things are getting worse for ordinary people and I find that very sad

  2. Absolutely, totally and completely: HEAR HEAR!
    I will never forget the party who caused this country's crisis and I sincerely hope the rest of our country don't either. xx

  3. I can't really comment-as this is not my country and I don't know much...I can say though that we have a very similar situation here in many ways...It's horrifying and very frightening. I can't listen-much less read about politics anymore...I find all sides infuriating, They all seem to bemore interested in laying blame than in actually doing anything...sigh...

    1. Sometimes I have to stay away from politics too, but I couldn't miss this!