This is what we eat


It's uses up a huge amount of time in this house.  Shopping for it, cooking it, feeding Smiley, and cleaning up takes many hours each day.

Just as well I like it then!  Except that I probably like it a bit tooooo much.

Until my mid 40s my weight was okay.  I was never skinny, and I've always had a sweet tooth, but I took lots of exercise and never binged on food. But suddenly that has all changed and the weight has piled on in the past few years, especially in my new role as a stuck stay at home carer.  To complicate everything, I was diagnosed with GERD a few years ago.  This is basically a posh name for heartburn with a few complications, but it does mean that I have had to cut out or severely restrict a lot of everyday foodstuffs, including citrus fruits, tomatoes, onions, garlic and red meat.

My eldest and youngest, who are true carnivores and love Italian food, are not at all impressed by my new diet and refuse to eat anything that I cook for myself.  Angel's solution is to do her own cooking, which is wonderful.  And my son?  Well he mostly chooses food from the freezer or the takeaway.  But he is partial to a few raw vegetables on the side.  So that's good.

Smiley only eats mashed food, but she gets her dinner in school during the week, so I only really have to cater for her at weekends.

It's complicated then, and I rarely get around to planning it!

But when Sinead at Bumbles of Rice asked what other families ate during a typical week, I was curious to find out.

So here are all my dinners for last week.  Mostly made in minutes.  Which was just as well as only a few of them were shared with my children...


Posh Mash Potato and Salad

A staple for myself and Smiley

Fry a smidgen of onion in some butter, add a little vegetable stock and then some potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots.  Simmer until soft and then quickly boil off the water while stirring until the potato is nearly dry.  Add a teensy pinch of salt, a little milk and a teaspoonful of cream cheese.

I eat this with a green salad, Smiley eats it with a spoon!


Curried Aubergines

Based on a recipe from Austerity Bites

1 Aubergine
1 teaspoon curry powder
150 grams of greek yogurt

Roast the aubergine until soft in a little oil.  It takes about 30 minutes at 200 degrees.  Put aside half of it, and refrigerate once cool.
Fry the curry powder gently for 1 minute.  Stir in the yoghurt and heat through gently.
Mix together and serve with rice.  Put aside spare rice and refrigerate once cool.
This dish looks well garnished with fresh coriander.


Leftover meal of rice, chick peas, walnuts, mayonnaise, mixed herbs and a green side salad.  Not too successful.


Aubergine and Pasta

Cooked Pasta (save some for another day)
Chopped tomatoes
Cream cheese
Grated parmesan

Heat Aubergine, tomatoes, and basil together.
Then add cream cheese and parmesan.
Mix with the pasta and serve.


Courgette Carbonara

I'm starting to feel jaded at this time of the week, so I cook up my latest fast food favourite, and the recipe is from Bumbles and Rice!  Though I make it with a whole courgette just for me, a chopped slice of leftover ham, leftover pasta and a whole egg.


Bean Burgers

My cookery book collection is severely out of date, as I proved here.  It's partly the fault of the internet of course, as I can quickly grab recipes off blogs and websites.  And I'd been put off 21st century cookbooks by all those celebrity chefs who make it all look so daunting.  But when I heard that a fellow Irish parenting blogger was going to publish a book about eating wholesome food on a budget, I had to get it.  I'm still reading through it, but so far it seems to be much more than a cookery book, it's also a housekeeping manual and a personal story of how to survive and thrive in the recession.  And a good read.

Anyway since I had yet more leftover chick peas, I decided that her bean burger recipe would be a good place to start.  Again I had to make some changes (sorry!) as I couldn't source all the ingredients.  But the result was still rather good...


Roast Chicken Dinner

I cook this especially for Angel, and it means that I will be eating a lot of leftover chicken next week.  But it also means that we sat down for a proper family meal, and so it was definitely worth it.

Roll on next week then....


  1. I'm not sure I could face curried aubergine!

    Beanburgers - we have found our energy rises noticeably when we have a home-made beanburger craze.

    I used to be a vegetarian but having an enthusiastic and committed carnivore offspring has meant I've had to change - so now we have chicken once a week . . . and eat chicken for three days - roast, then curry, then soup.

    1. I'm a part time vegetarian! Most meat just seems to sit like a stone in my tummy after I've eaten it, and that, plus the careful handling needed to avoid food poisoning, just puts me right off :)

  2. Thanks for taking part ! Great dinners, I'm a bit wary of aubergines but you've inspired me to give them a go:) thrilled to see the courgette carbonara is a staple for you now too!

    1. Oh I don't eat aubergines every week, but now and again I buy them and these are the two staple recipes I use them for :)

  3. Nice week of meals... I love the Curried Aubergines, I'll have to give that a try, thanks!

  4. Yay so glad you're enjoying the book & you liked the bean burgers. As I've said in the book, use it as an inspiration to make what you can from what you have. It seems like you're doing just that. xxx

    1. I'm really pleased with it, and I hope it sells by the truckload for you xxx

  5. Yay, delighted you're enjoying the book and using the recipes as inspiration!

  6. Love the sound of all of these quick and healthy meals - need more of that in my house. I've hidden aubergine in pasta sauce in the past but not for a long time - might be time to bring back the aubergine!

    1. They all sound very yummy and I especially like the sound of the Courgette Carbonara! Will give that one a try.