A birthday phone and other reasons to be cheerful

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm not sure whether that's a reason to be cheerful or not!  So I treated myself..

Softening the blow

I couldn't think of anything I wanted for my birthday, with the possible exception of a new mobile phone.  I got lots of advice, both here, and on Facebook and Twitter and it did influence my decision.  As did an article about unknown - but fabulous - phones.  And in the end I decided to be brave, take a chance, and order something completely different.  So different that I could only find one - very unattractive - case available for it!   But the phone?  Well so far I am absolutely delighted.  Like most new relationships, there have been few misunderstandings. I've drained the battery, taken photos of my feet and even failed to answer one important call!  But I'm getting there, and it's fun finding out all the things it can do :)

The birthday phone

Making choices

Smiley is doing really well with making daily choices.  So well that I had to endure back-to-back Britney earlier this week, as she was determined to listen to nothing else...  Then yesterday she got the chance to choose the colours for her new hand splints.  Here she is, though the camera took the shot the second after she grasped the purple square.

The weather

Sunny summer weather has made me feel grumpy for the past few years...

My children want to stay indoors.
My hair turns to straw.
I sweat.
I can find NO clothes that I like that suit me, my age, and hot humid weather.
I develop a severe dose of cabin fever.

But this year I've started escaping.  Angel will be around for most of the summer, so if I really need a break, I can disappear for an hour or two to recharge the batteries.  Bliss.

Ojos World


  1. We share more than a birthday! I too have children that don't want to leave the house and, I too, get too hot too sweaty and grumpy! Haha. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!(can't believe it's exactly the same day!) xxx

    1. It's nice isn't it :))) Hope you had a lovely day xxx

  2. happy birthday! looks like so much to be happy about

    1. And I don't always realise it, until I do this post!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Some great reasons to be cheerful.
    My problem is its me that often doesn't want to leave the house, so Little Lady spends quite a bit of time in the garden, well yard.

    1. Sorry to hear that you don't want to leave the house, good that you have a yard, I guess!

  4. Girl, you would not cope with our crazy temperatures!! I have a feeling that you would end up in a puddle right up to your middle! :-) Love the phone! Love the picture of Smiley more. xx