Decluttering and other reasons to be cheerful

A potpourri of reasons to be cheerful this week..

Learning about Autism

Who knew that a course about autism could be a break from special needs?  But it proved to be exactly that.  The course was also relevant and useful and provided free by the Middletown Centre for Autism*.  As were the coffee, cakes, lunch and parking; the only thing I had to pay for was babysitting.   I learned a lot, and enjoyed a bit of adult conversation, and the unusual sensation of sitting down for an entire morning!


In my ongoing campaign to keep calm, I find that getting rid of the things that weigh me down and keeping the house clutter-free is very helpful.  Even better when my son helps, and I'm able to pass on some our stuff to other families who will be able to use it - another gold star for Facebook.  Yes I do support charity shops too, but it's not the same.


Late evening, Smiley asleep, the others elsewhere on their laptops.  Silence, space and calm in the living room, just as I always intended.  A large mug of coffee and a new book.   Peace for a short while.  Rare but precious.

Sexual Harassment

That made you sit up straighter didn't it?  Well it wasn't really sexual harassment, though I might've called it that 30 years ago if I was in a really bad mood.  But with my 52nd birthday coming up next week, a beep and a wave from a man in a van was actually rather enjoyable (and I'm still a feminist).  I did check in case a bird had pooped on me, and turned around to see if there was someone behind.  Nope, neither.  So I managed to wave back without wobbling, and continued on my way with a wry smile.  Obviously the sunglasses must've helped, or perhaps he just liked my bike...

Ojos World

*these courses are free for everyone, this wasn't a blogging freebie


  1. I do love a declutter, especially with a child obsessed with lego! lol x

    1. Oh yes, I well remember the lego days... x

  2. I need more decluttering! sounds a good week

  3. What a nice week and great to hear that there are autism courses given free of charge. Mind you, getting some male attention sounds a lot more fun!! :-)

  4. woo hoo, lucky you! Peace AND a beep :) I'll have some of what you're having please :) x

  5. Ha! I remember the first time I ever got a beep and I was quite pleased even then. It rarely happens now although I try to maintain the attitude that I might still have 'it' ;)

  6. Still getting looks from passersby is definitely a reason to be cheerful! So delighted the course was helpful (please share!) and hope whatever phone you chose (previous post) is a good 'un.

    Hope I haven't missed your birthday?! xx