Teaching the boy to iron

It was a gift.

"This is all creased, Mum," he said.

I don't remember him ever noticing creases before...

"Well, do you remember that you wanted to learn to iron?  Just like your sister?  Why don't I start teaching you now!"

Seizing the opportunity always seems like a good idea, until you actually do it, and then it's like, "Heeelp, how do I do this?"

A deep breath is always a good place to start.

Then what.

Something easy?

"First of all you plug the iron into the socket."

Cue howls of derision from a 13 year old who plugs in various electronic devices every day.

Hmmm need to restore credibility somehow.

I reminded him of our recent session on how to read a laundry label and got him to check the setting for the iron and switch it on.  Part one of the ironing challenge complete.

Looking good so far.

But I had forgotten one very important element.

The ironing board.

Or in our case, the old clapped out ironing board abandoned by the owners in our previous home because it falls down regularly, snags clothes and cuts fingers.

I did mean to replace it, honest I did, but it's somewhere on the list between the missing cooker knobs and the broken toilet...

So I skipped the lesson on erecting ironing boards until we have a new one, but I did let him loose with the T-shirt and the iron.  And it raised more questions than it answered.  How is it so easy to iron in new creases, even as you get rid of existing ones?  Why does the iron leave wet patches on dry clothes?  Why do sleeves not fit over the board?

I'm so looking forward to lesson 2 (not).

In the meantime I will be praying that the Dyson of the ironing world can come up with a better solution.  Gotta give that boy a good start in life, after all!

There must be something better


  1. Hahahaha! I have the same exact questions as your boy! Which is why....my husband irons anything he needs ironed-and I wear things whether they need ironing or not! :)

    1. My daughter is like you :) I have grown into ironing....

      PS Lesson 2 went quite well!

  2. Ha ha, I can just picture the scene! Would you find it helpful to write up a plan for your goal and what you would like to achieve, how you go about it etc etc? Am happy to help. xx

    1. I do need to do that, but as usual I feel overwhelmed by everything I'm supposed to be doing! Thanks so much for your offer of help, I might take you up on it xx