The mini marathon and other reasons to be cheerful

Back to blogging as therapy for the next three months, and if you're a regular reader, you'll know why!  So there will be lots of reasons to be cheerful, and I'll do my best to keep it interesting.  Here's this week's reasons:

The Mini Marathon

This women only race used to be one of the highlights of my year, and I was feeling a bit sad earlier this week as I saw all the happy photos on Facebook from my friends who were able to take part.  Then I found this old newspaper cutting and remembered to be thankful for all the things I have achieved.  One day I hope to take part again, if my wonky knees and hips can make it around the 10K course..

A bit of R&R

Last Thursday was Smiley's first respite for 7 weeks, and I made the most of the day by taking it off.  Well apart from going for a run, doing the laundry, the meals, the cleaning and activities with my son.

Day off type things included wearing a skirt, spending lots of time on here, and going to the hairdressers and the cinema with Angel.

Best of all, when we got back from the hairdressers we found that teenboy had made his own lunch - tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches - and cleared everything away too! 

Starting as I mean to go on 

Which means lots of joint activities with my son and trips out with him and Smiley.  We're getting useful things done - like clearing out his room  - and visiting lots of interesting places..

Ardgillan Castle on a dull Bank Holiday Monday

Smiley spots the cakes!


The cure for brain fog

After an appointment yesterday morning I had brain fog.  I ran into Tesco and couldn't make any decisions about what I needed to buy, so I decamped to a nearby cafe for an unscheduled coffee and a bun,  It was the most relaxing break I had all week and will definitely be repeated.

Thanks to Ojo's World for hosting Reasons to be Cheerful this month, and why not join in, or add your reasons below..

Ojos World


  1. Omgoodness, a coffee, free of all distractions. That is definitely a reason to be cheerful! Xx

  2. I hope you get to take part in the race again. I'm having to take a break due to injury and it can be pretty rubbish seeing everyone else enjoying themselves. Great that you're looking back on all your great achievements though :D x

    1. Injuries are the worst, hope you get back in training soon x

  3. There is nothing like the strength of women both individual and combined. I am so pleased you are looking after you a bit as well as your family. and yes keep blogging, it can only help. Sending all good wishes your way

  4. Lovely reasons and great pictures. A quiet coffee is just so nice :)

  5. A well deserved break for you. I hope your batteries were well charged after it.