Will I ever?

See Paris in springtime?

Believe that my children can manage without me?

See the Northern Lights?

Feel grown up?

Visit New York, or Venice, or even Donegal?

Walk the Camino, even just a little bit?

Drive a sports car ?

Learn to ski?

Accept that I may never have grandchildren?

Go to a music festival?

Enjoy housework? Even tolerate would do..

Run 10K in under 60 minutes again?

Enjoy a weekend away with friends, without worrying about my kids?

Learn to drill a hole properly?

Read all those beautifully written books that are presently gathering dust on my bedside locker?

Stop enjoying blogging?

Lose that sense of wonder and hope when I watch the dawn sun rise over the rooftops?

Stop being grateful for my wonderful friends?

Forget the wonderful legacy that my parents passed on to me?


Will I ever really care if I all these things don't happen?  I've packed a lot into my life already.  Perhaps "Will I ever?" will become "Does it matter?"  Except for the good things that really do matter.  What do you think?

Inspired by a post on Facebook


  1. And, as I said on twitter, probably best to come back in September for more cheerful posts :)

    1. :-) Hey, we all have those days. Nothing wrong with a little venting ...

  2. the northern lights and venice are on my bucket list too and i can't ever imagine getting to have a weekend away from the kids either. Perhaps it does become 'does it matter' at some stage. x

  3. Susan (Eastendmom)June 24, 2014 at 6:07 PM

    I hope that you never stop enjoying blogging; for sure you'll never stop being grateful for your friends, or the legacy left by your parents. And it goes without saying that you'll never enjoy housework - that's crazy! You'll probably have a bit more freedom some day than you can forsee now, but in the meantime life is just plain hard work sometimes. Hard to look for blue sky every day, hard to find reasons to be cheerful every day. You have a great place to vent here with sympathetic friends.

  4. There's nothing wrong in writing from the heart. I much prefer blogs written honestly because it makes that blog and the writer real and something I can identify with. The very happy, picture perfect blogs feel too detached from my life and I often end up questioning why I can't write a book, cook glorious meals whilst nurturing three children and maintaining a career (sorry I'm being sarcastic here) but hopefully you get my gist.

    As for you and will you ever do those things, I sincerely hope you do at least some of them sometime. It can sometimes feel impossible to imagine doing those things when family/home life is so intense but hopefully one day it will become easier for you and you can start to tick those things off your list. Not sure about the housework thing though; that is something I will never be able to achieve personally!

    Deb x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Deb, it really made me smile, and yes I find some blogs a bit unbelievable too x

  5. There is so much to do and not enough time! Also, our kids need us around so we give our time to them first. I must admit that I am a firm believer that it is always possible to make a plan. What is that saying? "Where there is a will there is a way". Obviously to be realistic we have to adjust the goal posts. xx

    1. Adjusting the goal posts sounds like a good and reasonable plan xx

  6. You will do many of those things - just maybe not this summer. xxxx