Blogging reasons to be cheerful

Once again, it's my blog that has given me lots of reasons to be cheerful this week.  When I started this unplanned project, I never ever expected so many readers.  I used to have posts with no views at all!  And sometimes I still 'hide' posts until someone leaves a nice comment somewhere so I know it's not complete self-serving rubbish.  It's a place where I can celebrate the good times and moan about the bad times, and no-one has to read it, so it's a safe place for me, and somewhere to practice my writing.  It's also a project: I like making it look pretty, I enjoy playing at coding and - I'll admit - I'm a little bit competitive, so any kind of recognition feels good....

Best Blog Post nomination

It was a lovely surprise when an email landed in my inbox last week to tell me that something I wrote  in June -  After I Die - has been included in the long list for best post in this year's Blog Awards Ireland.  But it is a voting contest, and if you like it, I would really appreciate a few votes, but I promise not to ask again on here!

You can vote here  Just click 'Looking for Blue Sky' and then click on the 'vote' button at the bottom of the page.

And take a look at some of the other great posts on there too, like these from:

At the Clothesline

Bumbles of Rice



Glitter Mama Wishes

and too many more to mention.

Irish parenting bloggers

Has to be one of the best groups on Facebook and if I have a spare five minutes I often head there first.  It totally takes my mind off whatever life is throwing at me on that particular day and I've discovered lots of great blogs and friendly bloggers, even if I have tights that are older than some of them, as I discovered earlier this week..  Not to mention blogging and review opportunities, meet ups, information and advice.  Thanks to all of you!

Instagram and Google Plus

How did I miss out on the fun of Instagram for so long?  Especially as I like taking photos, even though they are often pretty awful.  It's just so fast and easy to use, and somewhere else to escape to when I need a short break.

And Google Plus has finally let me set up the account that I always wanted... so I hope to be more active over there too.

I've new buttons up there on the top right if you'd like to see what I'm doing.

Check out some more reasons to be cheerful over at Ojo's World

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  1. Awh thank you so much for the mention Candi, best of luck to you in the voting! <3

  2. Good luck sweetie!! I've given you my vote xxx

  3. I am a recent convert to Instagram too. I find it helpful too to lift my spirits as I see I actually do have a nice life when my low moods hit.
    Congratulations on so much blogging success - very well -deserved

    1. Seeing other people's lives on Instagram also lifts my spirits too :) And thanks for the kind words about the awards :)

  4. Very best of luck. It's a pity this is a popularity contest up to the final ten, as this post of your was excellent. I really hope you get there as your post deserves it, it was one of the most powerful I have read all year.

    1. Thank you so much! I don't think that I will make the final 10, but I appreciate every vote and all the lovely comments too x

  5. On my way to vote for you right now. We can vote once a week?

    1. I think that's right, but it's only for two weeks I believe. #Phew!