Dancing in the Street and other reasons to be cheerful

Just two weeks left until school starts again and I've achieved very little, even though the goals for the summer were not exactly ambitious.  But there have been some lovely moments too, and I'm about to inflict some of them on you for this week's reasons to be cheerful...

Dancing in the Street

I still have this dream about moving to a little bungalow by the sea when Smiley is older, but these past few weeks I've caught myself wondering if that is actually a selfish thought, as I watch her joy and delight at being in town.  It really is her favourite place to be, unless there's an actual party, or basically anything with people and music.  Here's 23 seconds of one of the buskers on Dublin's Henry Street and Smiley's reaction.  So then of course we had stay and watch and dance.

Where I live is convenient, pretty safe and fairly suitable for a severely disabled adult after all the alterations, so perhaps I can find a way to make it pay its way once my eldest and youngest have moved on.  Perhaps we'll just drive to the coast when I feel the need.  After all, Smiley has a PhD in car dancing already.

An almost perfect Saturday

A wonderful day trip to Powerscourt organised by the Irish Parenting Bloggers Group was followed by a movie night chez Blue Sky with two of Angel's friends.  Girl talk.  Normalcy.  Chatting about boys and clothes and TV programmes and everyday thing.  So calming that the bottle of wine remained unopened in the fridge.

And then I went out for a meal with friends on Monday night too!

Woman Power

I just have to mention the best 30 minutes or so of live TV I've watched all year... You may remember that I still do a little running and I get to watch it occasionally on Smiley's telly.  Well thanks to twitter I switched on for the Women's 10,000 metres final in this year's European Athletics Championships.  I was planning to cheer on Ireland's Fionnuala Britton, and she did run a great race.  But Britain's Jo Pavey ran a better one.  To watch this superb athlete, who also happens to be a 40 year old Mum of two destroy the rest of the field over the last lap made my hairs stand on end.  It was amazing, in so many ways.

The money tree

Perhaps it does exist, because not one, but TWO unexpected and mysterious cheques popped through my letter box this week.  One from Revenue, and I didn't think they ever gave money back to anyone. The other was from my previous broadband supplier, which apparently charged me to change supplier, and have now been told they can't do that.  So maybe some of these much maligned Regulators do occasionally do something useful.

This means that I may be able to justify a little light shopping which should make Smiley even more smiley and I can't think of a better reason to be cheerful than that!

Thanks to Jo at Ojo's World for hosting Reasons to be Cheerful for this month xx

Ojos World


  1. Her reaction is awesome! You should move to Wales, you could have a cottage by the sea, that would be about 30 mins from Cardiff. Best of both worlds xxx

    1. I still have lots of childhood friends in Wales as well xxx

  2. Brilliant, love her. Hope your drive to the beach is not too far :) Glad to hear of your good news this week too - enjoy the shopping! x

    1. The shopping didn't quite go to plan... but we still had fun :) x

  3. Lovely reasons to be cheerful and Smiley's reaction gave me a HUGE grin. Looking forward to your update for the next link up. Think I might join you. xx