I'm having a moment of blogging panic.  I published a post earlier today and I don't think anyone likes it.  That should be okay, except it's not, because this is no longer a little quiet corner of the inter webs. People read what I write, even when it's rubbish.  Even when it's badly written or melodramatic.  I feel their dislike and disapproval when the post sits there unloved and unshared.  I tell myself not to worry, because it's my blog and I should be able to publish whatever I like.  But it doesn't always work.

I want to run away and hide, but how do you do that on-line?

Then I feel tempted to delete this blog, perhaps to start again somewhere quiet.  It's become my youngest baby.  I love it, but I have to look after it too.  And it comes with responsibilities: because I waived my right to anonymity there are so many subjects that are closed to me, even though I badly want to write about them.  Perhaps without this blog I will be free?  It would be so easy to delete it, so tempting, all it takes is a few clicks.  I'm waiting for temptation to pass.  I hope it does.

Note: I'm turning off comments on this post, because I am just trying to explain how I feel today.