Respite Day

6.30 Quick coffee, then up, washed and dressed to clear up the worst of the mess before..

7.30 Home help arrives to help me get Smiley up.  Run around cleaning while Smiley has breakfast.

8.30 Eat own breakfast and chat to my daughter.  Look at Tweetdeck together.  It moves, so it must be fun.  Sort out other children.  Read Respite social story.

9.15 Bring daughter to meeting with son's autism service providers.

10.45 Return home and do Mum things

11.15 Pack daughter’s bag for respite.  Toilet her.  Read respite social story again.

12.15 Frantically start making daughter’s lunch in case bus arrives at 1pm.  Hoist her.  Make coffee to quiet grumbling tummy.

1.30 Make dessert for daughter as she is looking a little sad.  Have toast for lunch as totally starving.  Plan to eat healthy food tomorrow.

1.45 Still no sign of respite bus.  Do more Mum things.  Read Respite social story again, just in case.

2.00  Bus arrives!  Waves goodbye to Smiley.

Looks at "To do" list.


Goes on Facebook instead...

Note: Am still finishing my Reasons to be Cheerful about Aspergers post...hopefully it will be done for tomorrow now


  1. How long is the respite for? I hope you managed to get caught up or even better just chill out, eat something sensible and enjoy some 'Me' time :)

    1. It was just for one night and I ended up going to cinema with my eldest daughter, so that was good :)

  2. Don't ya just hate those 'to do' lists!! :-)

    1. If I could just get to the end of one of them!