Looking for reasons to be cheerful

I used to yearn for a quieter and more settled life, but an older wiser woman told me that it would never happen.  And I'm beginning to think that she was right.  As soon as something gets better, something else goes wrong.  Here I have two new battles to fight: for Smiley's future and my own health.  My mystery lung problem is still not resolved, but I'm off to the consultant tomorrow.   I'm not anxious about that at all, oh no!  And I'm hearing nasty rumours about services for adults with disabilities, which I will have to secure for Smiley as she finishes at her wonderful school next summer.  Expect more blogging on this topic soon.

But today is all about the good stuff...

Back to school

This has been the best start ever to the school year.  Everything I did (and didn't do) over the summer seems to have paid off.  The mornings are mostly going to plan, no school days have been missed, and homework is being tackled methodically.  Of course he's still complaining about it, but what teenager doesn't?

And a break from school troubles is what gives me reasons to be cheerful numbers 2 and 3..

Exercise and photography

Not much exercise was got over the summer, apart from the occasional bit of wheelchair pushing.  It suited me not to be aware of my lung problems either.  But with an appointment looming, I've been doing my best to make my symptoms as bad as possible so the consultant will take me seriously.  That meant lots of strenuous exercise and clearing and cleaning all the dusty stuff in the house and garden.

The exercise has been made a lot easier by my new phone, which has a working FM radio, and a pretty good camera too for when I spot something interesting.  I believe that it's a rule that you can stop running to take a photo, if it means you end up running further..

The list is getting shorter.

During the summer I felt completely overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done, from essential house maintenance, to clearing my wrecked garden, to tackling my two in-trays, to entertaining two teenagers with very different interests.   But unless I'd left them in front of screens all day, it would've been impossible to tackle the "to do" list.  With them both gone for several hours each day I'm now ticking things off the list faster than I'm adding them.  And that is comforting.

Exhibit 1: Let there be light

Yep, we had no kitchen light over the summer, but then it wasn't dark until after bedtime and the under counter lights gave great atmosphere.  But with winter coming in, changing the light bulb became a priority.  One that needed quiet and no interruptions.  You see it's not just a simple process of twist and pull.  Sadly for a DIY-challenged Mum, the shade comes away in two parts, one of which would shatter if dropped, which could easily happen as you carefully remove the screws that hold the whole thing up.   And then there's the need to buy another H-shaped light bulb.  You wouldn't find one of them in Tesco!  But it's done now.

No idea why my ceiling looks brown in this photo

Exhibit 2: I can see the grass at last

Do you remember when my garden fell down?  With the help of a friend, the massive clearance job got off to an impressive start, but then the summer holidays happened and the garden was left attractively featuring two enormous dead shrubs and a dozen bin liners of dying leaves and twigs.

Now it looks like this.  Not great I know.  But it was a lot worse this time last week.  And at least I can see the grass that needs to be cut now.

Perhaps next year I'll be able to sit on that bench and enjoy the view.  Now there's a cheerful thought.

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. Good luck at the specialist, I will be thinking of you. Such wonderful reasons to be cheerful and I am loving your pictures. The brown ceiling is due to your light... says me who has just finished a photography course (and I still don't know a thing about taking photos!) :-)

    1. So glad you like the photos! Am almost as nervous putting them out there as I am about my writing :)

  2. Please look after you. The worries about your health seep out in this post. Of course, it is great to hear about the things that are going well and I hope you get the health issue sorted - you are seeking help and that is the first and important step. I sense you need to look after your emotional health as well as your physical health and think you deserve to do both. You are a lovely mum from what I can see and as we all know really, we can only do the mum bit properly if we take care of ourselves too. Wishing you all the very best

    1. Thanks Kate, you're so intuitive: I was pretty anxious when I wrote this, but then writing it also helped, and I hope to have good news on the health front in time for next week's #R2BC post x

  3. that's really encouraging stuff about the new school year. I feel for the first time happy about my kids going back to school after the summer because I trust both of their schools and I know they are in safe hands (which sadly was not the case previously!) It also made me smile reading about your new phone. I recently got a new one (one that can actually connect to the internet and do things like instagram) and it is incredible how much easier certain things are now with it. I must check if mine does radio - that would be handy. Hope things get sorted with your lung. x

    1. Yeah you don't realise how useful a good phone is until you actually have one x

  4. well done on ticking off the lists and keeping on track with school stuff! good luck at consultant