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It's the start of a very busy and important week here, and hopefully I will have lots of wonderful reasons to be cheerful to report back next week.  But we're not there yet, so I've scratched around and found a few for today:

  • I got my ears syringed.  It's only taken me about 5 months, but I'm hoping that it will solve a weird problem that I've been having with my ears. 
  • Some very special visitors will be arriving soon.  I can't wait to see them, the kids are looking forward to their arrival too, and it will be an excuse to get out and have a mini staycation for a few days.   And they've told me to get my DIY list written up so they can tackle a few jobs while they're here.  What could be better?
  • Both teenagers have been to school every day so far this week, so my life is back on track for now.
  • My severely disabled daughter was given Botox in her tight leg muscles a couple of weeks ago.   Until this week I didn't see any improvements, but for the last two nights she's slept in her sleep system.  Not only does this help prevent further damage, but she tends to sleep through as well, which is good for both of us.

Over at Striking Mums, Kate is asking questions about labels this week...

1. If I gave you a label and pinned it to you and you were allowed to put just 3 words on it, which would you choose?

Probably "Don't", "Label", and "Me".

2. What labels that others have used about you do you think are spot on?

I've been called many things in my life but the most memorable are probably these:

Inspirational Mum
Loyal Friend

They all describe different versions of me at different times, but I prefer the ones that stick as a result of my efforts, not because I have just done my job.  So I don't think that adjectives such as inspirational apply at all.  But others do for some reason!

3. Has having a particular label ever got you into trouble or held you back?

All the labels applied to me as a gawky teenager certainly affected my self esteem very badly.  Who knows how my life might have panned out if I still had my childish confidence?  Later a well known Irish Newspaper columnist told me in front of others that I was "not a proper writer".   Presumably because I was not a journalist on a well-known title, even though I did own an NUJ card.  But it still made me doubt myself once again.

4. Does or did one of your labels mark you out as very different from others in your circles?

Being called flamboyant: Until recently, I was often the one in my circle with the most striking make up and clothes.  Sometimes it's very noticeable indeed on old photos!  Back to camouflage again, allowing me to get into character and be the person I wanted to be.

5. Which label are you particularly proud of?

Excluding the whole Mum thing, which is the obvious answer, I would say that I would be most proud of being a loyal friend, partly because my friends are so important to me.  And the reason why would be a whole post in itself.

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  1. I've enjoyed getting back to routine, and now its bloody half term again!!

    I love the flamboyent label! You should run with that xxx

  2. Totally love your answer to number 1. Was not expecting it and so very clever. Glad I am not the only one that has had the smelly label! Love your labels of loyal friend and writer and believe both to be true . Flamboyant is superb! I think I would like to be one of those friends of yours.

    1. Sometimes blogging friends are some of the best xx

  3. hope all that DIY list gets done, good news on the teens and for your daughter

    1. Oh yes, when the DIY list gets done, it's a big relief!

  4. Revisited this post - imagine we will have a huge reasons to be cheerful post from you next week with all the good things coming up. So pleased the Botox helped your daughter.

    1. Yes she slept through again last night, I was so delighted :)

  5. Another good read. I instantly felt very aggrieved on your behalf over the columnist comment! How rude what that?!!! :/

    1. Yes, it happened about 20 years ago, and I've never forgotten it!

  6. My reply was Don't Label Me too, as was the title of my post! X