A message to everyone who thinks they want tax cuts

Do you have a parent in hospital?

A child in school?

A nephew with special needs?

An aunt with depression?

A friend who was burgled?

A neighbour who is homeless?

Tax cuts for you will reduce the help they desperately need. But apparently voters would prefer income tax cuts to improved public services.  If you are currently choosing between putting food on the table or heating your home, then I can understand why that would be your priority, even though any increase in your income is likely to be quite small.  But 44% of you?

As for me, I pay my taxes and no longer claim means tested benefits.  But I'm afraid.  I know that tax cuts won't help the fight to rid the world of Ebola, or help provide a good service for Smiley when she finishes school next summer, or reduce the chaos in A&Es up and down the country.

I know I've said it before, but just remember that one day - if all goes well - you will be old.  And you might be vulnerable, sick or disabled.

And you will be looking for services.

And they might not be there.

Because another generation will have voted for tax cuts.  After all they will be following your example.

And so it goes on.


  1. I was reading that in the paper today and couldn't believe it. I said to one of my colleague but she answered "public service" is shit anyway so what's the difference! Of course,if everybody has that attitude, things will never changed...I'd rather paying the same taxes and have better public service

    1. I guess I do have a problem with many aspects of the public services, but I still think that they are essential x