Top 5 films on Netflix

I may have mentioned that Netflix kindly gave this family the opportunity to watch whatever we like for a year for free, giving me a whole new subject to blog about too.  This month I'm writing about my top five films on Netflix, and linking up Kate Takes Five's Listography on the same theme.  No it's not a coincidence.  Like I said, I'm blogging for fun right now, so there may be more of this.

Of course I could have just picked five films and checked out Wiki, but I'm more dedicated than that.  Films have been watched while cleaning the kitchen, and waiting for certain children to fall asleep, as well in front of the fire with a large glass of wine!  Really, it's been no trouble at all.

Normally it's not easy to see an entire film in this house, all the interruptions just make me lose the will to watch.  Hence my regular trips to the cinema with Angel.  The advantage of watching films on Netflix for me is that I can easily stop them whenever someone wants me.  With Freesat you don't get one of those fancy pause live TV buttons.

So here's my Top Five, in no particular order.  My friends will notice that I've deliberately excluded all Lord of The Rings related films, cos you just know they'd monopolise the list otherwise:

Winter's Bone

Yes I was one of those annoying people who adored Winter's Bone before anyone had ever heard of The Hunger Games.

I loved the brooding atmosphere and the real people and the portrayal of their difficult lives and where that can lead.  Not so different from other American Indie Films that I've enjoyed, such as Little Miss Sunshine and Sherrybaby.

Pretty in Pink

Classic nostalgia for me, and I love the way that the quirky girl gets the gorgeous guy in this film, and, well, everything else about it too.  Now I just need to convert my daughter...


A spy thriller filmed on location in France with a galaxy of great actors including Jean Reno, Robert de Niro and Sean Bean.  What's not to like?

How I Live Now

Based on the novel of the same name by Meg Rosoff which I also loved, this is another dark film in some ways, of young lives changed forever, but it's lifted by gorgeous scenery and acting.  


The film that grew out of the American TV series Firefly, that was cancelled far too soon.  Who knew that you could mix Westerns and Sci Fi with such amazing results?  Throw in an outlaw spaceship captain with a motley crew of misfits and you have the makings of a cult.

Yet again my picks are mostly about the underdog trying to make it in an unfair universe.  I'm sure that says something about me!


  1. Oh I haven't spotted Winter's Bone so must check that out, thanks. Love these lists :)

    1. Oh good! I'm glad that there are other people who like them, I'm always nosy about what people like :)

  2. It has been so long that I have watched TV or gone to the movies that I am way out of the loop! Thanks for the ideas on what to watch.... now just to find them! :-) xx

  3. I rarely watch films on TV, usually only in the cinema. I've only actually seen two of these.

  4. Pretty In Pink! Love that film - seen it so many times, though not for years! Ahhhhh nostalgia. Molly Ringwald - loved her!

    Ronin, wonderful! Can't beat De Niro at his best. And yes, with Jean Reno and Sean Bean, excellent cast.

    The others I've never seen, but I am aware of Firefly but never saw it - looks just my kind of thing.

    Good list! x

  5. I haven't seen any of those movies...but it gives me ideas. Serenity definitely looks like a movie I could enjoy :-)