Reasons to be cheerful 13.11.14

It's been another week of writer's block, which I swear set in the minute I was nominated for this year's Irish Blog Awards.  I assumed the problem would wear off once the awards had been announced, but nope, it still persists.  Part of it is lack of time.  All the extra hours - and more - that I should have gained by not working have been eaten up by the needs of my children.  One day I hope to be doing proper writing again :)

But I will carry on doing my reasons to be cheerful anyway: because if I don't support things like this that are important to me, they may not be there when I really need them.  And please, PLEASE join in if you can, it really lifts your mood.

Films and more films

Starting next week, Angel and I will be paying regular visits to the cinema to see the films we've been waiting for all year, including this one of course!

I can see clearly now

Only with my glasses, obviously.  I've still not decided what to do about laser eye surgery, especially as it seems that both my short and long sight are getting worse.  The good news is that because I don't wear full strength glasses, I also don't need bifocals yet, which makes me very happy.

Free Time

As a result of the alien mutant bug in my system, I am not able to follow my usual exercise routine, so I have a bit of free time with which to catch up on daytime TV, my reading, household admin.  Which has actually been quite satisfying, and means that those clutching fingers of panic are no longer squeezing my chest quite so tightly.   I posted a huge pile of letters this morning and was able to cross lots of things off the dreaded "to do" list.

Oh and some free time last month was used to switch mobile phone packages.  I was a bit nervous about this, but the results are in, and the overall household monthly phone bill is down by €15.  Result.

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. Omg!! Please don't publish the last comment!! My keyboard went awry!! Great reasons! Lmao xxx

  2. I especially like that you are going to be going to the movies more frequently. I would really like to do that. Will join in another hop very soon. xx

  3. Great R2BC.... didn't know the final Hobbit movie is coming... I know someone who will like that!

    I really must get back to this, it is very helpful, but like you say; writer's block and lack of time persists here too. maybe we could work together to banish both??!!xx

    1. Well I love your latest post, no sign of writer's block there, so perhaps you can help with mine :) xx