Reasons to be cheerful 29.1.15

We will ignore the elephant in the room - same elephant, same room - and focus on the good things instead.  So here are my reasons to be cheerful for this week.

Back in the old routine

Despite everything, I am getting out.  I met a friend for coffee and made a short appearance at my yoga and dance classes.  And I began a 6 week autism parenting course run by my son's service provider.  It's going to be interesting, and a bit emotional too I think, but hopefully I'll learn something useful.

From broken to fixed

There was a major panic mid week when our lovely new shower decided to stop working.  Cue phone calls to Kingston-upon-Hull, Mayo, Kildare and Dublin, while I gathered receipts from the builder and pleaded severe disabilities and a lovely man came round at 8pm tonight and sorted it all out.  Am feeling competent for once.


He thought I needed coffee, so he offered and he made it perfectly.


Even though things are stupidly busy, I decided that today was the perfect time to try Smiley out with the iComm App again.  And just look how good she is at making choices!

Responsible Adults

Arrived home from a walk with my son to hear the unexpected sound of the hoover.  Could we have a cleaning fairy?  Nope, it was Angel decluttering and cleaning her room.  Without being asked.

New books to read

Darkmouth, the book du jour, arrived on my Kindle App today and I can't wait to get stuck in.  And two of my friends have books coming out shortly.  Details to follow as events unfold...

It was one of those weeks when I thought I would have no reasons to be cheerful, but actually I've got quite an impressive list.  Well, I think so anyway.

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. Awwwww, well done for seeing so much positives! The positives tend to be hidden until you pause and really look, and then you see they are so much more than you thought. You must have been super chuffed with Angel clearing her room. I hope this new week brings more glad tidings. :-) #R2BC

    1. Yes, a clean and tidy room is a lovely sight to see, especially when someone else did the work :)

  2. So glad you found so many positives! This linky really helps to find all the good things x

    1. If everyone else stops, I think I will still be doing it on my own :) x

  3. I love it that the plumber made you coffee. Is he married?

    1. I may not have been totally clear there.... But yes I would be very tempted to date a competent plumber :)

  4. They are fantastic positives. It's good that you are getting out, it's so easy to shut yourself away (believe me I know) xx