Chasing away the January blues and February chill #StreamTeam

With even more time than usual stuck indoors during the miserable winter months, we got great value out of our free Netflix package.  Here's what we're liking right now...

Arrested Development

Lots and lots of happy laughter while this was on, and it was even entertaining enough for Smiley. It's supposed to be about a wealthy family that loses everything, and the one son who has no choice but to keep them all together. Actually it's about a bunch of adults behaving like spoiled toddlers, which I wouldn't normally like at all, but in this case it worked, and definitely helped to chase away the January blues!

The 100 Club

So the first question is: Why would a space colony choose to dump a bunch of good looking teenagers on a previously-abandoned Earth to see if they can survive?  Unless they were making a TV programme about it, of course!  Perhaps that is the twist in the tale?  Anyway Angel (my 22 year old and clearly the target audience) loved this series, and I watched a few episodes too. Some interesting topics are raised as those on Earth and in Space wrestle with pretty basic questions about life and death.

House of Cards

Angel can't wait for the return of this Netflix series on February 27th.  Stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright go back to Washington, with President Underwood fighting to secure his legacy, and Claire wanting more than being First Lady.

Smiley is spoilt for choice right now too: we've been watching "The Adventures of Puss in Boots" which began in January, and during the mid term break I'm hoping to try her out with these two new shows:

"Ever After High" about an high school for the children of famous fairytale characters...

And "Mako Mermaids" about teenage mermaids - and at least one merman - with magical powers.

As for me? Well I've been catching up on some films that I missed the first time around.  Including "A Long Way Down", based on a book that I adored. Who knew that a film that opens with four people preparing to hurl themselves off a skyscraper on New Year's Eve could be so life-affirming? But it is. The film is an enjoyable if cheesy watch, though the power of the book loses something in translation and the portrayal of the carer as a sad frumpy cliche is a bit disappointing.

Disclosure: I have received free Netflix streaming, and a streaming device as part of my membership of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 


  1. Lots of interesting stuff to watch. I don't even know what Netflix is! :)

    1. I keep forgetting that not everyone knows about Netflix! It's usage in Europe and the US is ubiquitous now, like Sellotape or Hoover. It's a streaming service that provides films and TV series on demand. You pay a monthly subscription to receive it. I was offered a one year free subscription once I wrote about it every month on the blog :)