Reasons to be cheerful about a carer's mid term break

The teens were off school all week for their mid term break, and all was calm, and even productive, so I thought I might share it all with you for this week's reasons to be cheerful.


Involved several outings to...

The Chemist - to fill the regular prescriptions
The Supermarket - for food
The Bank - to pay in cheques

Afternoon, exercise for Smiley, admin for Mum: finished up the medical card application (presumably the first of many as they usually refuse to sanction them multiple times), baulked at new requirements for disabled parking permit and had to ring to clarify. Paid eye watering gas bill. Note to self: must change supplier as soon as I have time,


A trip to the GP - again - followed by an excursions to the local Garda Station, where we had great fun... trying to get in.  Smiley pressed the disabled door entry switch. Nothing happened. My son pushed a door. Nothing happened. I rang the voice entry, but couldn't hear anything as my lovely daughter was laughing so loudly. Perhaps it was closed? Especially as there were no other people inside (and it's a very big station). So I rang the station and a very amused Gard told me to push the other door...  He also sympathised that I had to go through all this to get him to sign a picture of Smiley to tell the providers of Disabled Parking Permits that she is in fact NOT dead.  Unlike other applicants apparently.

Afternoon was a walk up to the village with Smiley to post the application forms, another bank, Tesco and the chemist again.

But it did get a little more exciting once we'd bought the annual jar of Nutella for the pancake making. Which was fun for all.


Today was mostly about getting clean: don't get me wrong, I shower every day, but washing and drying my hair is quite a production, and if I shower Smiley on the same day, then not much else gets done.  Though I did manage a trip to the cinema with Angel to see American Sniper (at her request). Not a film that was on my must-see list, but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a very human portrait of Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal who is credited as the most prolific sniper in military history. And I agreed with the reviews that suggested that you could take this film any way you wanted: many see it as a pro American film, I watched it as an anti war movie.


I hummed and hawed about getting a food processor, and I'm still feeling indecisive now.  Smiley and I went to Tesco, and she cheered up everyone she met while we were there, which is always good.  Then home and a quick clean up before a visit from her new occupational therapist, involving yet another discussion about toileting slings and other things that no-one seems to make for young adults with severe disabilities.

Then I saw the latest Tots 100 index of parent bloggers.  Yes clearly I must be a sad, needy person if I need validation from a little box that you'll find at the bottom of my blog, but I do, probably because I feel pretty incompetent on the domestic front. I still religiously looks at my Tots 100 score, and I was thrilled yet again to have sneaked back into the top 100, thanks to that article I wrote on school refusal.  As someone commented on Instagram, many of the most "successful" blogs are those where people write about the difficulties in their lives.  The comment made me squirm, but it seems to be true in my case.


Well the day is still new and full of possibilities.  Making Brownies has been suggested which I will certainly agree to since it is not screen related.  After that, who knows?

Hope you had a good week too.

Ojos World


  1. I like the bit about putting cheques INTO the bank. :)

  2. Congratulations on the tots100 placing. And get the food processor;)

  3. Thank you for sharing your week, I enjoyed reading what you have been up to. Way to go re Tots100. xx

  4. sounds like a lot achieved whilst having fun too! I was chuffed to be back in top 200 ;-)

    1. Yeah I try to make sure that we have fun even when the activities are pretty mundane ;)

  5. Oh FFS, can't believe you had to get the police to verify that Smiley was alive and well! Madness! Well done on your tots ranking, have lost all hope of mine ever getting back to the giddy heights of the top100! We had Nutella pancakes too - well the kids did, I don't really like pancakes, so I had Nutella straight from a spoon..... Xx

    1. Oh there was a fair bit of Nutella licked off the spoon here too ;) xx

  6. Ah you make me smile! I would totally do the Garda station thing. XXX

  7. Glad you all got through the midterm!
    I was trying to get my teen to go to see American Sniper (it's 15s) but surprisingly he wouldn't go. Presumably because it meant swapping one screen for another 'less exciting' one. xx

  8. Love it
    Your days are so busy and full of challenges and yet you make it all work

    1. Thank you! Its doesn't always feel like that :)

  9. wooo lady! top 100, that is awesome! You have a crazy busy life, I'm so glad you find reasons to smile in the chaos (actually lol'd at you pushing the wrong door) xx