Reasons to be Cheerful and Striking Mums 12.2.15

I've a lot to get through, so, without further ado, here are this week's reasons to be cheerful...

Leaky roof repair man

Spotting a brownish stain on the ceiling coving is one of those heart sink moments. I blinked and looked again, but it was still there, and it hadn't gone away the next day either. So I dug out the old address book, banished my friend procrastination, and made a call to the guy who redid this roof some 15 years ago. Within half an hour he was checking the ceiling in the hastily tidied back bedroom, and then he disappeared out of the Velux in the attic. The result? No leak, but he did fix a loose slate and told me to call him back during the deluge to check again. And the charge? Nothing. Not a cent: There are some good guys out there.

Breast check

Or the chance to spend a few minutes relaxing in a lovely warm relaxing Georgian waiting room before being called exactly on time for an essential health check. Fast, efficient and friendly, the Breast Check Service is everything the Irish Health Service should be.

Hair Care

"Mum, your hair is looking really flat," is one of the best complements my daughter can pay me. An explanation and hair exposé to follow when I get around to finishing it.


They're very rare in this house: but Smiley slept 'till 9 last Sunday, which gave me a couple of uninterrupted hours to laze around chatting on social media.  Bliss.


If you follow Looking for Blue Sky on Instagram you might have seen the unboxing of yet another IKEA shelving set, which had been sitting in the hall for a couple of weeks waiting for the day that I needed to do some therapeutic furniture building. And that day was Tuesday. As the lovely Suzy says, it's basically Lego for grown ups, just a pity that my house is almost full...

Moving swiftly on, I'm also joining in with Striking Mums, the campaign by Kate on Thin Ice to get mums to think of themselves a little bit more. This week her questions are all about risk-taking:

1. Would you describe yourself as a risk taker?

Yes, except when the result might be conflict. Then I take no risks and try desperately to diffuse things and make the conflict go away. Well unless it all gets too much and then I usually go away...

2. What, if anything, concerns you about taking a risk?

These days the risk of death worries me, as I don't know who would look after the children.

3. What is the worst thing that could happen if you take a risk?

For the children: my death. For me: A life sentence of any kind.

4. Tell us a situation where taking a risk paid off for you

Do you ever really know if taking a risk paid off? Because you don't know what would have happened otherwise. All I do know that I've had an interesting if challenging life so far as a result of all the risks I've taken.

5. Tell us about a situation where taking a risk resulted in harm to you or yours.

I stayed too long in a situation resulting in emotional damage.

6. What risk are you tempted to take right now?

I'll pass on this one!

7. What would help you feel better about taking that risk?

More self-confidence, support and fewer health worries perhaps?

8. What risk did you not take that you now wish you had?

Going to my best friend's wedding some 30 years ago. I wasn't well on the day, but I really wish I'd gone. Despite my no-show she is still one of my best friends. Not sure this really counts as a risk though!

9. Do you admire people who take risks?

I admire people who take calculated risks, not rash ones. People who walk into dangerous situations clear eyed, having weighed up the risks and prepared themselves as best they could.

10. Can you think of someone famous or otherwise who is a inspirational risk-taker? What can you learn from them?

Well there are so many, but of course the first people that popped into my head are Frodo and Sam from the Lord of the Rings. I know that it's fantasy, but it can make more sense when your own life  seems so different from the norm. The lesson? It's about doing the right thing even when the odds of everything working out are very very small.

Always inspiring, at least to me!


  1. Lots of interest in here and again the more I read of you the more I like you but then you mentioned the Lord of the Rings and that quote and I was away to play with the elves. Interested in your emotional damage answer too - so easy to do to ourselves through trying to do the "right" thing. You should have heaps of self-confidence but it seems those who should rarely do. Will pop back later. Have been both busy and under the weather so behind on keeping up with the special folk like you - apologies

    1. I can't keep up with everyone either Kate, all of our lives are much too busy x

  2. You have had 2 helpful workmen in your house, in the past couple of weeks! Lady, you have pulling power! Glad there are still good people about, and that they're being good to you xx

  3. Isn't your roof man so lovely? Delighted to hear about that kind deed. 'tis enough to make anyone cheerful so it is :-)
    And you've reminded me that I've yet to take part in Striking Mums. Shame on me. I don't know how I'd answer those questions but I enjoyed reading yours :-) xx

    1. I don't think I really know how to answer the questions either! But it was fun trying :) xx

  4. Still recovering from your potential roof disaster. What a lovely repair man. Keep his number! Hope next week finds you a few more good moments. Delighted you got that 9am lie in.Heaven alright.

    1. Lie-ins are very precious when they're rare :)

  5. Glad to see that you have bounced back... and with loads of lovely reasons. I also enjoyed reading your Striking Mums answers. Wish we had an IKEA here, although perhaps it is probably best that we don't!! :-) xx

    1. I could totally see you and Nick building IKEA furniture together, it's great as an RDI exercise :) xx

  6. Lovely reasons to be cheerful making you sound like life is pretty good on the whole. Love the repair man story and empathise with how lovely a few minutes of peace can be too

  7. There are some nice people out there, and that repairman is one of them (keep his number handy!)... I have the same IKEA shelves, the best purchase I've ever made ;-)