Peaks and things beginning with 'B'

It's Thursday again, so it's time for my reasons to be cheerful, hope you have some too.

Free Medical Services

In Ireland we don't have a National Health Service, we have a multi-tiered health service, with some people paying almost nothing, some people paying a little, and some people paying a lot. Now that Smiley is an adult with her own small income, she is finally entitled to free health care.

Not that she will need to use it very often as she is pretty healthy. Just as well, as I shudder when I read the latest trolley count figures from our accident and emergency departments....


No I'm not crying. It's about a clothing website that Angel has been nagging me to use, since shopping for clothes in real shops is getting harder and harder. It turned out that the most difficult part of shopping on was choosing what to buy. The slow delivery option took two working days and I've got a new jacket and boots for spring that are smart and hopefully vaguely age-appropriate too...

When relaxation isn't relaxing

Hands up who else doesn't like the 'relaxation' bit in bendy sh*t yoga classes? I mean it's not really relaxing lying there wondering how you're going to fix this, resolve that and deal with the twin peaks of laundry and paperwork when you get back home? But this week I found a solution. As you know, I've a huge choice of beaches within 30 minutes drive to escape to if needed.  On Monday I did, so during Tuesday's class, I just retraced all my steps in my head, instead of sneaking out the door with the latest excuse. The unexpected benefits of walking.

Long lost cousins

Okay, so not really "lost", just the other side of the world, so out of mind for a very long time. But last Friday I got to meet her, my only female cousin, after a gap of almost 40 years. Our meeting was too short to do more than touch on the stories of our lives, and much more entertainingly, the mad stuff that goes on in Australian political and civic life. Like this giant balloon with six boobs.

Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. Ooooh, I'd love to try Boohoo, I've never tried catalogue shopping for clothes. Good woman, Smiley, and long may your good health continue. Great about your catch-up, I'm a cousins aren't far away. Loved your reasons to be cheerful this week. x

  2. Great, positive reasons, how fab that you got to catch up with your cousin.x

  3. Oh crikey, online shopping plus me equals a disaster! As in a credit card disaster. I am sorry that going to real shops is a bit hard at the moment, hope this situation improves with time. xx

  4. Doesn't matter how many times I read it, bendy sh*t makes me giggle. I have planted that in your brain forever, haven't I? Xx

  5. A six-boobed balloon??? I feel happier already XXX

  6. I haven't tried boohoo yet but I do most of my shopping online as getting out to the shops can be a bit of a nightmare! I love the jacket! the turn up sleeves are fab x

  7. I've never shopped there before think I will try! I hate clothes shopping though. Sounds wonderful to see your cousin even if for a short time! Id def be feelibg cheerful too :) xx