My Top 10 Spring Songs for 2015

It's quiet on the blog at the moment, so permit me a little self-indulgence... Every year I make a playlist of songs that I've heard and liked over the past 12 months and Angel puts them on a CD for me to play loudly in the car when I think that no-one's listening. This year she's very busy with her Final Exams and her work as a gymnastics coach, so I will be waiting awhile. In the meantime I thought I'd put them on here instead. Handy for me, and I do love sharing all my favourite finds. And here's a useful guide to the stuff I like, in case you don't want to venture any further down the post:

What I like
Guitar bands
Indie music
Songs that make me feel something

What I don't really like
Obvious auto tuning
Misogynistic lyrics
Rap, house and anything like it

So here's my selection for Spring 2015

1. George Ezra - Blame It on Me

2. Little Green Cars: The John Wayne

3. Sinead O'Connor - Take Me To Church

4. Family of the Year - Hero

5. Joan As Police Woman - Holy City

6. Kasabian - stevie

7. Chris Staples - Dark Side of the Moon

8. Bastille - Flaws

9. St Vincent - Bad Believer

10. Pins - Too Little Too Late

This post was brought to you via dancing around the kitchen,TXFM, Dublin City FM DriveTime, and the need to find something to make housework tolerable. It worked.


  1. Very cool, I especially love George Ezra. Housework is so boring... great that you found a way to make it lighter and more fun!

    1. It did slows things up a little, but then that's not the worst :)

  2. thank you for now gettine 'blame it on me' stuck in my head, for the rest of the day!! The second song really reminds me of SuperTramp.
    (No 5 video is the same as number 4 xx)

    1. Hope it didn't bother you too much!! And thanks for the heads up on videos 5 and 4, now fixed x

  3. What an awesome list! Love and listening :)