When your teenage son discovers Netflix

It only took about 6 months, but finally my teenage son is making good use of our year's free supply of Netflix as part of the StreamTeam.


Recent research shows that teenagers need and want to spend quality time with their parents - something I've always believed. But it can be difficult when you have very different interests. So I was a bit dubious when my son asked me would I watch the Avatar series with him, especially when I learned that there were 54 episodes. But actually it's become a pleasant nightly routine to sit down with him for a half hour or so. It's easy on the eye, a bit like a Japanese-style Teletubbies for teenagers, but with more exciting adventures, interesting characters, special powers, and a moral undercurrent.


Did you know that Netflix includes access to some of the best nature documentaries ever? I certainly didn't, until my children found them. My son has always been interested in nature - just like his Mammy - but the days of the family gathering around the telly on a Sunday night to see the latest from David Attenborough seem to be long gone, so I was delighted that my son had been seeking out and enjoying many of his best shows, plus some others too, like these:


This is where we are struggling a bit. He wants me to recommend a Morgan Freeman film for the holidays and Netflix has come up with this (fairly limited selection). Now we just need to choose. Would any of you like to suggest which would be the most suitable for a 13 year old boy?

However Netflix hasn't managed to suggest any great films that would help my son improve his attempts at an Australian accent. My first thought was Crocodile Dundee, but sadly it's not there...

Marvel Daredevil

Whatever about the lack of good films on Netflix, the choice of TV series is getting better and better, even for a fussy family like this one. I'm really loving Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, it's my go to programme when I'm feeling down, and then there's this.

We're huge Marvel fans in this house and having watched the trailer, I can tell you that if you’re a Marvel fan, you’re going to LOVE this series. It has all the Marvel ingredients that you'd expect: special powers, great action sequences, and the never-ending battle between good and evil.

The date is circled on the calendar and we can't wait!

Disclosure: I have received free Netflix streaming, and a streaming device as part of my membership of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 


  1. I love finding something to enjoy with our kids. My teenage daughter and I loved Glee when it was on and I really miss that now. I was delighted when she discovered Buffy as well.
    Marvel is not my thing, but I have a very handsome nephew called Connor who has Autism and his knowledge on all things Marvel is encyclopaedic...if you need to know anything just holler lol XXX

    1. I have two experts myself here :) But I will certainly remember your nephew if I ever have a question that they can't answer :) xxx

  2. Oh how I would love Netflix. I am not sure what movie I would choose for a 13 year old.... they all look a bit hectic for that age!

    1. You'll have to start a campaign to get it in your part of the world, well except you have enough to be doing already xx