Colonised by shoes

Most toys are gone,

(with just a few for Smiley)

I like things spare and clear,

Calm space is what I need.

My children do not mind.

In the door they come,

And off the shoes they go.

Once abandoned or flung, I have taught them well.

Paired up neatly, they colonise the empty corners and abandoned spaces.

Except that shoes have a home too.

The children know I overlook them.

My eyes slide past them most days.

I live inside my head.

They don't exist if I can't trip over them.

Until it's time to clean. Then I see them everywhere.

And grumble as I gather and pile and sort and store.

But next time I see them I smile.

Because when teenagers, separate rooms and headphones

Mean there's no sight or sound of children in the house,

The shoes have it.

Bright reminders that they're still here.

I'll miss them (and the children) when they're gone.


  1. How poignant. I shall never look at the abandoned shoes (and clothes....oh God the clothes!) strewn about the place in quote the same way again.xx

  2. I've trained DD to put her dirty clothes in the hamper (although there is quite a lot of reminding going on) however, there is alsways a pair of shoes and disguarded socks in the living room that I need to remember to scoop up before starting the washing machine. I love this poem. Its so true.

    1. Thank you! Yes my children are pretty good about putting clothes in the laundry basket too x

  3. I seem to be always tripping over shoes.. and some of them are mine. Wonderful post, I enjoyed reading it.