Things I've never done

A little bit of light relief, badly needed right now, thanks to a great idea from Jo at Ojo's World who realised how many things she has never done. Things that other people think are a normal part of life.

My rubbish memory means that some of you may be able to tell me that I'm wrong, but as far as I know, I have never done any of these...

Gone Skiing
Because it just seemed like too much hassle, all that equipment, training, injuries...

Taken my bra off before bedtime
Except for hygiene, medical or romantic reasons.
This is such a thing now. People announce it on Facebook and I don't get it at all. How would I send cold callers packing? Have any authority over my children? Deal with any situation that arises? TBH I would probably sleep fully clothed if I could get comfortable. Just in case.

Gone shoeless in the house outside of heatwaves
My feet get cold and my socks get wet, so why would I?

Eaten snails
Even though I love France

Brought the kids to Disney Land
And I really don't want to, I think I would probably hate everything about it: the noise, the queues, the crowds, the fast food, the whole theme park thing.

Went on Honeymoon
Though I did get married!

Attended a Hurling or Gaelic Football match
Even though I live so close to the local stadium that I can hear the cheers on match day. Oh, the shame of it!

Told a secret
Well you don't, do you?

Worn red lipstick 
Because it makes me look like I'm touting for business.

Been to Paris
Or Barcelona, or Berlin, or Boston. But one day I hope to get to these places and many more.

Owned a pair of leather trousers
I might have left this one a bit too late!

Had a manicure 
I've still time to do this. Well I need to find the time, which is a bit harder to do.

Been clamped
I may detest and despise many laws, but I tend to obey them.

Been on a Ferris Wheel
Or any other fairground ride that goes up in the air. Even when I was young and fearless, I worried about loose bolts and rusty nuts.

Got to 40 weeks
All my pregnancies ended at 38 weeks or earlier.

So 'fess up, what have you never done?

If you want to join in, just head over to Ojo's World and follow the instructions.


  1. Never had a manicure nor been to a hurling match? Two things that rank among my favourite pastimes. I shall endeavour to fill these gaps in your life as soon as possible �� (Disclaimer: may take a while due to geography and the shortness of the hurling season)

    1. Geography could be a problem alright. And someone may have to explain to me just how short the hurling season is.

  2. Great post. I've never done lots of "normal" or "expected" things either. I'm okay with it.

    1. I don't even think about what I'm doing at the time, it's afterwards I usually realise that perhaps other people would do things differently!

  3. I've never been on Honeymoon either even though I got married twice ( to the same guy: civil ceremony in Ireland and church in France 2 years later, in case you're wondering!). Eating snails? Seriously, you don't miss anything, and I'm French so you can trust me on that one :-)

    1. Ok, I will crib snails from my bucket list so :)

  4. Oh good list! I've not had snails but had frogs legs in my defence I was probably 18 months and have no recollection! I've been on a mini Ferris wheel! But ten I've not seen any bigger ones and I've been on far higher and scarier babies came before 40 weeks too must do this!x

  5. I'd have to think about the 'never done' but I do think you should go outside without shoes a bit more. Otherwise you'll miss the extraordinary sensation of knowing where shadows begin and end by noticing the temperature of the ground.

    1. I do walk outside barefoot in hot weather (I used to run barefoot too occasionally like Zola Budd!) sometimes, but I've never noticed the shadows effect, and I'd love to try, thanks for sharing that x

  6. I'm totally with you on the skiing and the ferris wheel. I do recommend a mani-pedi though. I don't have one very often (about once in 5 years actually) but they do make you feel a million dollars.

  7. Oh, I do like this! And it's not too late for leather trousers ;-) I have cold feet too, even wear socks going to bed; all year round! xx

    1. It's great isn't it, when you find out it's not just you :) Am now hoping that you will do one of these posts :) xx

  8. Oh, I do like this! And it's not too late for leather trousers ;-) I have cold feet too, even wear socks going to bed; all year round! xx