Reasons to be cheerful 18.6.15

Lots of little reasons to be cheerful after last week's major one, which I'm still celebrating.

A holiday in Tenerife

Not mine. Angel's. Delighted that she got a break. Relieved to get a text to say that she had arrived safely, and thrilled to hear the door open last night as she arrived home. And catching up with all her news this morning. Still, I wish I was there!

Ben & Jerry's and Baileys

After a couple of difficult days with my teenagers, this was exactly the treat I needed, especially after months of abstinence. Which will mostly continue, though possibly not over my birthday weekend...

Avoiding Waste

I hate wasting food, whether it's left over egg yolks or Cornflakes or now evaporated milk, which surprisingly worked really well in curry, and in broccoli soup. Don't make a face at the back there, it really did!

Wearing makeup again

I learned one very important lesson from my surgery: it seems I may not ever have taken off my make up properly. But they knew how to do it at the laser eye clinic, and the difference in the way I looked was quite shocking: one friend carefully commented that I didn't look quite myself. I had no idea that my eye lashes were naturally so pale, in fact all you could see was acres of yellowy skin, and I did not look well at all.

Oh but the joy of putting it back on again on Tuesday morning cannot be overstated. And recognising the face looking back at me in the mirror. I'm not talking about layers, just a slick of black eyeliner and mascara. Welcome back to me!

A very useful key

I went into town with the teenager (good in itself) and bought a disabled toilet key - they're like the Radar key you get in the UK only not so universal. Fascinated that I was not asked for proof of disability, but they told me that only people in the know bother to get one. Of course now you do too...

The secondary school holidays

Yes our life gets very restricted, (hello happy pills), but anxiety is reducing and allowing progress to be made. And it's great to see.

Autism Awareness

Someone recognising that my teenager has autism without being told and then making helpful allowances before I had a chance to make suggestions. Wouldn't it be lovely if this was universal?

The little things

Finding one last bottle of cherry coke when you can't get to the supermarket (see abstinence above).

So those are my reasons, what about yours?

Ojo's World


  1. Great reasons this week :) glad Angel had a great time away bet she's talking about it non stop! Hope you have more happy times next week x

  2. I'd also love to be in Teneriffe but Benn&Jerry's with Baileys is almost as good. We are also winding down for the school holidays - or being the single parent, should that be gearing up? Cheers for the Baileys, enjoy! xxx

    1. Gearing up for the holidays is definitely part of it! A bit of winding down here too, as there will be less appointments etc as so many other people will be on holidays... xxx

  3. Oh that Tenerife sky looks stunning (although you would have to knock me out, to get me on a plane!). I love your reasons, always do, but the one about someone recognising the Autism resonates with me. How wonderful xx