A taste of freedom

Ojo's World

There's always new boats on the docks or in the river when Smiley and I are in town, but we just walk on by. Rarely are they wheelchair accessible. Then last Sunday I got the chance to tour a ship that was visiting Dublin, and so did my eldest and youngest, and we minded Smiley between us. It was a wonderful experience, doing something where everything was strange and yet vaguely familiar from TV and film. I could have stayed on board all afternoon asking questions, soaking up the atmosphere and the fresh air and just enjoying being somewhere different and feeling free.

You *might* be able to see how happy I am.

And I realised that when I feel tired of life and living it's almost always because I feel trapped. And I bet that's why so many others do too. Trapped by poverty, duty, health issues, work, and even habits; unable to break free. But surely if you're stuck in a rut with no clear escape route, it is hard to find wonder in the same routine, the same food, the same places and the same problems. Maybe a bit of freedom is vital for happiness, and isn't that what we're all looking for these days?

Amid the usual speed bumps there were other reasons to be cheerful too:

  • A trip to a local shopping centre made extra special by random people making a fuss of Smiley, which she enjoyed with gusto, of course.

  • A surprise visit from one of my nephews who stayed for a couple of nights. This meant family meals and board games: always good.

  • And today I got another taste of freedom while Smiley enjoyed her last few hours of day respite. I spent it - yes I'm sure your guess is right - by the sea...

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  1. It is so important to take some time out, even if just for a short while. Difficult I know. Your time by the sea must have been blissful. xx

    1. Though sometimes the contrast between time out and time in can be difficult :) xx

  2. Sounds like you've had a good week x

  3. I also love boats. I think it's the potential to go anywhere in the world. Wishing you another good week xxx.

  4. You look so happy in that picture, and relaxed! I hope you manage to escape a little more, on the coming weeks. I totally understand the 'trapped' feeling xx

  5. Lovely post and I love that photo of you. My first thought WAS how happy you look, before I'd seen what was written beneath! I think you're right, it's the trapped feeling that can make someone so unhappy. I do hope you get many more opportunities like this :-) xx

  6. its the simple pleasures that can mean the most x