Baby essentials, 1992 stylee

A quote from my favourite baby book, optimistically titled The Fun Starts Here, by Paula Yates. And in those pre-internet days, baby books were pretty essential, especially if babies had been largely absent from your life until you held your very own new born in your arms. I loved this one because it was all about enjoying your baby, something that seems to have got a bit lost these days, amidst all the advice and strictures on what new mothers should and shouldn't be doing. Sadly I can't share any more nuggets of Paula's wisdom as my copy of her book fell victim to a recent decluttering session.

Why am I telling you this?

Well I was inspired by a linky over at Glitter Mama Wishes. She's doing a round up of baby essentials for the first year and I thought it would be interesting to look at how much has changed since 1992. And while I loved The Fun Starts Here, I did actually rely on quite a lot of equipment during those first 12 months.

Baby essentials, 1992 stylee, modelled by Angel.

So with baby books firmly at number one, here's the rest of my list:

2. A Car Seat

An absolute essential in this house, especially as I am not a homebird, so everywhere I went, my baby came too. Though I think she *may* have come home from the hospital in a carrycot on the back seat. Strapped in of course. Does anyone even do that now?

3. A Changing Station

Having everything organised on one place helped me to feel on top of things in those early days, though doing everything at floor level was probably not good for my back.

4. A Multiway pram

I abandoned my baby to the loving care of her grandparents at less than a week old to dash up to Newry to buy this. We were told that Newry was the place for bargains so we braved the checkpoint and the bomb threats and came home with a beautiful Silver Cross. Best of all, the buggy bit turned to face me so I could chat to her while we were out and about.

5. A Baby Bag

You can just see it lurking in the background of the smiley photo of Angel. There was not much choice in the early 90s, and nothing stylish. Baby bags could not be mistaken for anything except BABY BAGS.

6. A Bouncy Chair

Probably my favourite thing of all. Baby wearing (known as using a sling in those days) did not suit me, so I carried Angel around the house and garden in the bouncy chair so that we could be together all day.

7. A High Low Chair

I don't think the Low Bit was used much...

8. A Play Pen

Actually, my playpen from the 1960s. Wooden, massive and in my mind the safest place to put my baby when I had to take my eyes off her. She also slept in my cot!

9. A Baby Walker

Now this was one of Angel's all time favourite toys: I will never forget the sound of her shrieking with delight as she pushed it up and down the hall, up and down, up and down, you get it!

10. A Cake

Essential for the first birthday and much enjoyed.

Looking back, I don't think that all this equipment was absolutely necessary: a lot of it was bought due to lack of self confidence: babies two and three were changed on my knee and carried on my hip. But this first time Mum was always terrified of dropping her gorgeous baby - luckily it never happened.


  1. I have the exact same photo of baby in bouncy chair.... except it had my first born in it, not yours!! Such a cute post to read and it brought back loads of memories. xx

  2. I only bought a changing station on my third baby! My sister was born in 1991 and she had one of those fancy multiway buggies from mothercare that my mum bought second hand. She also spent a lot of time in the bouncer and I used to bring her up to my room in it while I studied. Lovely post, it's brought back memories for me too:)

  3. Aw lovely! Love those baby pics all the pattern bring me back to my own childhood! Baby walker is still a firm favourite now. My kids loved them, great fun booting up and down the hallway :)
    Thanks for linking up x

  4. A lovely look back! It's amazing how not an awful has changed, not really, though isn't it? xx

    1. Yes, things look a little different - more colourful for example - but they haven't changed that much xx