A holiday of sorts

The weather may be grim and grey outside most days, but there's more warmth in the house than there has been for a long time. For two weeks my diary is almost completely blank: there are no appointments to attend, and few phone calls can be made as most people are on holiday. The result? A much more relaxed atmosphere, with co-operation and communication happening on a daily basis and a few small challenges being attempted. There is time to have proper conversations, even chatty phone calls. Time to sit down and write blog posts, instead of typing odd sentences while eating or doing other things. Time for kitchen discos with Smiley and watching two episode on Netflix back to back.

Don't expect a Pollyanna conversion though, if you bump into me on the street: this is my reasons to be cheerful post after all and my stress levels are still pretty epic at times. But I have some more good news and here it is:

A successful service

Getting the car serviced is one of the many annoying time-stealing activities that grown up people have to endure every year, right? Well luckily I managed to turn it into a reasonably entertaining morning, and with Smiley in tow too. It combined a (long) walk pushing the wheelchair from the service centre to the local town, a little light window shopping and some well-earned coffee and cake. Then back again to collect my washed and serviced Smileymobile and home to tick another item off my to do list.

To buy or not to buy?

Staying at Home

It seems that Angel is not leaving the country, not this year anyway. Which is wonderful, and most of her friends have found jobs in Dublin too, and will not be emigrating either. Even six month ago they all expected to go. If this is widespread, I wonder will it give the Irish Government a bounce in the opinion polls? We shall see.

Another Action Movie

Okay so I know that many of you are not into action/adventure/sci fi/fantasy stuff, but it's very popular in this house and I know we're not alone. I was really looking forward to this outing with my daughter but not expecting that much from Mission Impossible, so it was a bonus when it turned out to be the most entertaining film I've seen in six months.

The plot is not that important really - it's Tom Cruise versus the CIA, MI5 and a shadowy organisation that plans to change the world, and I'm sure you can guess who wins! The film is not just about the action sequences either - which are pretty spectacular - no it's also about the tech, the dialogue, even the characters, and the humour, which I not expecting at all. Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt is beginning to look a little less perfect and therefore more like a real person, and the support cast was excellent. Ethan's side kick is an entertainingly awkward English spy played by Simon Pegg who somehow ends up working for the CIA where Alec Baldwin and Jeremy Renner as Alan Hunley and William Brandt also ham up their roles for the laughs, and there's a strong female lead too, the mysterious Ilsa, played by Rebecca Ferguson.

My only issue was that someone at the cinema had decided to turn up the volume (even my daughter agreed) so I had to improvise some earplugs. I must be getting old!

Lots more reasons to be cheerful over at Lakes Single Mum.


  1. Great reasons & the latest MI film sounds good!

  2. Not having so many commitments and demands definitely makes life easier. Hey, I hope you bought the boots, they look fabulous. xx

  3. I'm an action movie lover too, looking forward to MI. Those boots are cute, treat yourself! xx

  4. I really enjoyed the last Mission Impossible, and Simon Pegg is really funny as well, which makes the movie even more entertaining... Oh and those shoes just look amazing, hope you got a pair ;-)

    1. I agree, whisper it quietly, but it's almost like he's the real star! As for the shoes, I haven't had a chance to go back to the shop yet, but I'm working on it :-)